“I don’t know yet. I’ll double-check”: Gordon Ramsay Hints He’s Expecting 6th Child With Wife Tana – God of Food May Soon Have One More Mouth To Feed

The Michelin star-studded chef, Gordon Ramsay has his way around the media feeding us with little insights into his daily life and cooking shows. The 56-year-old culinary king has a beautiful family with five children, Meghan (23), twins Jack and Holly (22), Tilly (21), and Oscar (3), and a gorgeous wife, Tana. The chef has recently launched a new show Next Level Chef, which has made headlines due to its extreme competition. 

Gordon Ramsay with his wife Tana and kids.

With a successful career and fame on his end, Gordon Ramsay shared little detail about his personal life related to his wife Tana. The dad of five made an appearance on the Heart Breakfast show and joked about expecting another child with his wife. 

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Gordon Ramsay spilled family secrets on the Heart Breakfast show 

The 56-year-old celebrity chef made an appearance on the Heart breakfast show and made quite a statement. The culinary king although known for his profanity on-screen, he is quite a gentleman around his family. Ramsay shared with the show’s viewers about having an amazing Christmas with his family. While talking about Christmas he joked about expecting another child with his wife Tana Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay with his wife Tana

Ramsay joked on the show “Tana’s jeans aren’t fitting her,”, to which the show host Amanda Holden was quick to ask “Is it Christmas, or is it a baby?” The celebrity chef didn’t storm away from the question or discussion, instead, he went on dropping hints “Last time I looked there were five, there could be one more on the way,

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Gordon Ramsay is supposedly expecting another child with his wife Tana 

Gordon Ramsay joined Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston on Heart Radio to inform the listeners about his new show Next Level Chef. While discussing the show the celebrity chef jokingly spilled family secrets about his wife’s willingness to have another child. “She would love one more baby and I’m like no, no, no,” Ramsay joked. 

Gordon Ramsay jokes about his broody wife expecting another child

In recent events surrounding the chef and his wife, the couple recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. The culinary king shared about his wife’s willingness to have another child and how he’s kind of willing to avoid the possibility. 

On being asked about the possibility of having another child Ramsay replied “Do you know what, I don’t know yet. I’ll double check when I get back. I’m going to Boots on the way back from here and I’ll double check.” Jamie Theakston further asked the chef “Have you inadvertently just revealed something you weren’t meant to say?” on noticing avoidance. 

Keeping certainty of the chef’s words aside, who would mind another little one alongside the toddler Oscar Ramsay?

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Source: Heart Radio 

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