Gordon Ramsay Mega Trolls Billionaire Lord Sugar after He Claimed God of Cuisines Copied His Show ‘The Apprentice’

We’re all well aware of the recent feud between Lord Alan Sugar and the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, where the former accused the chef of ripping off The Apprentice with Ramsay’s TV show. Although the culinary king brushed off all accusations by stating in an interview that there is no point in including a food task in the upcoming episodes of The Apprentice since the show is on how to run an office. 

Gordon Ramsay’s TV show Future Food Stars

The initial squabble between Alan and Ramsay started off last year after the release of Future Food Stars when the Michelin star-studded chef was asked by Lord Sugar to stick to his job of cooking rather than hosting TV shows. The celebrity chef further triggered the feud by stating Lord Sugar took inspiration from him. 

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The ongoing squabble between Gordon Ramsay and Lord Alan Sugar

In a recent feud between the celebrity entrepreneur and the culinary king, the former accused the latter of copying his show The Apprentice, and requested the chef to stick to his day job, instead of hosting TV shows. The 75-year-old business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar launched a new show where the candidates were tasked to manufacture bao buns and sell them to the public. However, to everybody’s surprise, the task turned out to be an utter failure when the kitchen exploded leading the contestants to grill in the boardroom. On the other hand, Ramsay’s Future Food Stars was launched as a series where 12 entrepreneurs compete to gain a £150,000 investment from the restaurateur to start a food business of their own. 

Lord Alan Sugar
Lord Alan Sugar claims Future Food Stars is a virtual rip-off

After the release of both shows, the tycoon insisted that Ramsay’s TV show is a complete “rip off” of The Apprentice. In a recent interview with MailOnline, Gordon Ramsay was asked about his opinion on Lord Sugar’s claims of Future Food Stars being a rip-off show, when the celebrity chef stated “What have bao buns got to do with running an office?”

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Gordon Ramsay talked about Lord Sugar’s show, The Apprentice

The bicker between Ramsay and Lord Sugar has been going on and on for quite a while. Lord Sugar initiated the feud by calling Gordon Ramsay’s show Future Food Stars a virtual rip-off of The Apprentice. However, Ramsay replied to the British billionaire’s claim by saying Lord Sugar must have taken some inspiration from his cooking show, otherwise bao buns have nothing to do with an office-oriented show. The tycoon further went on with a legal statement where he expressed his concerns about how legal authorities allowed Ramsay to carry on this show. 

On the other hand, when Ramsay was asked about his opinion of Lord Sugar’s claims, he laughed and brushed them off. The celebrity chef spoke highly of the entrepreneur, which is very unlikely of Ramsay to do, especially when we all know him as a swear god. “I love that guy.” Gordon stated about Lord Sugar “Yeah, Lord Sugar, bless him in his 70s…I don’t think that my level of competition and excitement is anywhere near his at that age,” he added. 

Gordon Ramsay calls 'Next Level Chef' a fucking nightmare
Gordon Ramsay gave a savage reply to Lord Alan Sugar

When Lord Sugar was asked prior to Gordon Ramsay’s interview with MailOnline, he stated “I like Gordon and I think he’s very good and should stick to what he should do, cooking and all that stuff…No disrespect to Gordon but stick to your day job mate that’s all I would say”. 

Despite claims of rip-off and squabble between the two celebrities, both are working well on their individual shows and have been successful in entertaining millions with their TV shows. 

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Source: DailyMail

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