Gordon Ramsay’s Next Level Chef – ‘World’s Toughest Cooking Show’ Branded as Bizarre, Banal Nonsense

Gordon Ramsay is up with yet another highly anticipated cooking reality show Next Level Chef. The first season of the show performed well with a high viewer count and TRP, therefore the hosts decided on introducing another season which will be broadcasted on 12th February 2023, right after the Super Bowl LVII. Season one of the show is hosted by Gordon Ramsay joined by two other elite chefs Nyesha Arrington and Paul Ainsworth.

Gordon Ramsay’s Next Level Chef is soon to launch season two

The entire show is based on the concept of gathering fifteen contestants from around the country in order to level up their cooking skills. The show was initially portrayed as one of the toughest cooking shows ever. However, soon after the grand finale of season one, critics, viewers, and netizens assembled and branded it as a nonsensical show. 

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Despite the audience’s obsession with the show, it is still deemed bizarre

Next Level Chef was supposed to be about cooking, however, audiences claimed there was less cooking and more drama. Netizens took to social media and stated that there was something off about the head judge Ramsay, for him not working in a real kitchen for quite some time. Their comments and feedback clearly showed their disappointment with the show irrespective of their obsession. 

Next Level Chef gets reviewed as bizarre and nonsensical

Reviews on IMDb are flooding claiming the show is more of a forced banter rather than a genuine competition between culinary fanatics. There have been serious claims about the nonsensical elements of the show where contestants are grabbed from different backgrounds like professional chefs, influencers, and normal homemakers. It’s therefore quite obvious that there won’t be fair competition among people of different cooking backgrounds. And if the point of the entire show is to find real culinary talent, then at least the competition should be fair. 

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Partiality is evident in Next Level Chef since it revolves around Gordon Ramsay

Since the show revolves around the main host Gordon Ramsay, it has become more convenient for the viewers to connect the dots when a contestant from his team won the season finale. Critics have claimed that Ramsey watches over everything that happens in the show, even elimination. It has also been pointed out that Gordon Ramsey literally breathes over the shoulder of the contestants so much so that his chin keeps dragging in their preparations. 

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay’s Next Level Chef consists of partiality

The mentors of the show are considered worthless since they are there to high-five and motivate the contestants but all they do is blurt out banal nonsense like “It’s a minimal grab”, “Next-level cooking, guys!”, “Some great dishes. Definitely next-level” and such. The constant repetition of the slogan “next level” is considered nerve-wracking by the audience as if it is a sponsor slogan. 

Although the judges haven’t been in a real kitchen in a while, they are all terrific chefs; and despite that, they rarely offer any words of wisdom on how to cook. Little to none is expected by the audience from the upcoming season of Next Level Chef although there is an undeniable obsession related to the show. 

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Source: The Guardian 

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