‘Gotham’ Casts A MAJOR Batman Villain For Season 5

Gotham is moving into its last season when the show returns in 2019 with its fifth season. However, the prequel to Batman series still has a lot to cover in these episodes: including one of Batman’s biggest enemies.

This comes via a new report by Deadline stating that Nikita alumni Shane West has been chosen to play Eduardo Dorrance as the villain in the final season of the show.

Dorrance is an old Army friend of Jim Gordon who returns to Gotham after several years. He returns along with a team of elite soldiers with an intent to bring order to the city, but eventually, Gordon finds out his (Dorrance’s) darker and evil intentions.

His arrival shouldn’t come as a complete surprise as last month, Hashtag Show teased a character breakdown, indicating the series is looking to cast someone for the role. To all the DC fans, the name ‘Eduardo Dorrance’ might ring a few bells.

In the comics, the character is King Snake, a man who worked as a mercenary and shares a long history in the British Army. Interestingly, Dorrance is also the father of Batman’s arch-nemesis, Bane. Going by the way Gotham’s timeline works, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the character ultimately ends up being not Bane’s father but Bane himself!

When Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor (played Oswald Cobblepot) was asked if his character will interact with Bane in the next season, the actor confirmed that Bane was indeed arriving in season 5. Here’s what Taylor said during a panel at Fan Expo Canada:

“All I can say is I hope so. Because every time we have a new villain, especially one like Bane, who is coming in, and we’re also introducing Magpie this year, which is really exciting. But again, anytime he interacts with these characters it changes him and makes his character more interesting, and it gives him something to overcome. That’s part of getting deeper into the character, how he’s affected by these other incredible characters that are in the Batman universe.”

Gotham Season 5 will premiere on FOX in early 2019.

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