Gotham May Have Just Killed One Of Its Biggest Characters (Again!)

Gotham Did It Again

The latest episode of Gotham ended with several quite big turns, but none of them greater than what looks like the passing of one of its most imperative characters. Coherently, it’s difficult to trust this character would really be, or remain, dead, but it unquestionably looked that way when the episode came to a conclusion. One of the primary stories all through the last season of Gotham has been Selina Kyle’s longing to get retribution on Jeremiah Valeska for paralyzing her toward the end of Season 4.

She was healed by an enchantment seed given to her by Ivy, however, the fix also touched off her wrath, making her much resolved to kill Jeremiah. She finally got her change in Thursday night’s episode and god, did she take it.

Selina Kyle Kills Jeremiah

Gotham’s Jeremiah Bites The Dust

Selina snuck up to Jeremiah dressed as Ecco, wearing her cloak and veil. When she drew near, she stuck a blade profound into his stomach. When he began talking trash to her, as villains like to do, she stabbed him once more. And, once more. And once again.

When Bruce pulled her away, Selina had cut Jeremiah a few times, most likely near twelve in case we’re being straightforward. She expressed what is on her mind, without a doubt.

It takes a great deal to really bite the dust on Gotham, so a couple of cut injuries don’t appear enough to keep the pretty-much-tech-not Joker down. However, the camera came back to Jeremiah once again before the end of the scene, and he was totally lifeless on the floor. With his eyes looking ahead into nothing, it really looked like Jeremiah was dead.

Is Jeremiah Really Dead

When you consider it, there’s simply no chance that Jeremiah can be dead, at least not forever. We’ve seen film of him in the trailers that presently can’t seem to air on the real show. We likewise realize that there is a whole scene devoted to ACE Chemicals, where the Joker started. The character is a part of the texture of the series.

There may be another clarification, however. In the event that you review, Cameron Mongahan recently revealed that eventually this season, he would play a third unique character. Could Jeremiah die to clear a path for a considerably more Joker-like character? It’s not actually the most-likely situation, but rather this is Gotham, so don’t just rule anything out.

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