Pokemon are the nicest and cutest things on the planet. They helped us get through our childhood. Since the days when our sippy cups used to be our best friends, Pokemon has been with us. How would you like to see your favorite childhood memories desecrated and turned into instruments of torment and torture? That is exactly what this particular artist is hell-bent on doing. David Szilagyi takes your happiest moments of nostalgia and turns them into creepy, dark apparitions of the macabre. These nightmarish renderings of your favorite Pokemon is going to leave you gasping for air. It’s hellish. It’s dark. It’s art.

You could hear them every night. they weep and wail. Their screams are the trademark of every haunted rainforest. The Weeping Bell waits for its prey, drawing it with a mesmerizing weep of a lovely lady in distress. And then they eat you alive, head first.

This Poliwhirl no longer feels remorse or sadness. It has only one emotion – joy. It derives it from the many unsuspecting prey that are unlucky enough to cross paths with it. This Poliwhirl may be blind but do not let its disability fool you. That’s the mistake many have made and paid the ultimate price.

If Charmander was raised by Freddy Krueger, even that version would have looked less evil than this one. It looks like this Charmander is out for blood. And it’s hungry as hell. Who will be its next meal?

Imagine you are lost in a swamp and you have a massive leg cramp. You are limping into a green void when you come face to face with this Venusaur. You think you know fear? Look at those razor sharp teeth and think again.

This Vulpix once used to be a normal Pokemon. that was until it was buried alive within a mass grave. It survived on the dead bodies it was buried along with. It has developed a taste for it. That’s just an afternoon snack by the way.

That’s not a Tentacruel. That’s the spawn of Cthulhu, the Dark God born from H.P Lovecraft‘s worst nightmares. And it feeds of your dreams. We dare you to sleep with your lights off tonight.

Want to know what happens when you starve a Psyduck that has a mother of all headaches? It does not just die. It evolves into an apparition and becomes an agent of hunger. It’s stomach swallows men whole.

This Meowth’s tongue was too long for its mouth. Potshots and comebacks are too obsolete for this one. Now it devours people for fun.

This Ponyta looks like those skeletal Thestrals from the Harry Potter movies one could only see if they have witnessed death. This Ponyta is the ride of Death itself.

Lurking the deep waters of many a ship-wrecks, this Primarina hunts any sailor unfortunate enough to take a dive into this troubled part of the ocean.

You have never seen snakes as deadly and as dangerous as this one. This Arbok has mutated to become something far more sinister. In more ways than one, it represents society and its toxic culture.

Have a rodent problem? This Raticate is every exterminator’s nightmare. Watch as it nibbles on the decapitated head of the last guy sent to kill it.

HI FRIEND…. I Mean, Squirtle Squirtle.

A Wartortle large enough to eat a Gyarados? The apocalypse is upon us. Its a gargantuan Gyarados swallowing Wartortle.

In a distant corner of the world, a mad scientist took her Blastoise and killed it. She then took its body apart, and replaced it with parts from other dead Pokemon. This is Frankenstein’s Blastoise.

One of the first ‘evil’ Pokemon Ash faced, a Murder of Spearows is oneof the most terrifying things on Earth. What if there was a Spearow that has human kids for lunch?

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