‘Great’ TV Shows People Think Aren’t Worth Watching And You Might Disagree!

We live in a world where there are differing views and opinions. Something that one person likes might be disliked by the other. Every year we get to see lots of TV shows premiering. But, indeed, we don’t like all of them. That can be because the storyline didn’t attract us, the actors who were cast didn’t perform well, or maybe just because you didn’t relate with the whole concept. Moreover, there are times when you think a TV show sucks, but it’s actually someone else’s favorite. We’re sorry in advance if this list contains the names of your favorite TV shows that people think aren’t worth watching. Maybe you can comment and let the world know what you love about these TV shows? So, check it out!

1. Riverdale

TV Show: Riverdale

If you’ve read the comics, you would realize that the show just sucked all the joy and fun out of the original storyline. Rather they replaced it with the usual edgy young adult drama.

2. The Flash, Season 5 Onwards

TV Show: The Flash
The Flash

The series was interesting, but later on, it was the same thing again and again. So, this repetitive element of the show is making it unworthy!


TV Show: Friends

The show is labelled as a classic. But the reality is, it isn’t what it is hyped about. People say it’s funny when it’s actually not. People fantasise about Ross and Rachel’s relationship. However, they don’t realise that it’s toxic. The show also showed its characters body shaming their own friend. Overall, there are many things about the show that is not right!

4. Arrow

TV Show: Arrow

The series was doing great till Season 2. After that, the CW started pushing in unnecessary love triangles and teen drama.

5. The Walking Dead

TV Show: The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The first three seasons were good. They were fun to watch. However, after that, it was the same. The same old plotlines, twists and storylines. As if they were just recycling the previous concepts. In one word, it started becoming repetitive.

6. 13 Reasons Why

TV Show: 13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why

The show portrays extreme human emotions that can take a toll on the viewers. Many people feel that the series should’ve ended after the first season.

7. The Bachelor

TV Show: The Bachelor
The Bachelor

The show is about a guy who dates several women to find his true love and the perfect life partner. Firstly, the storyline is lame. There can never be a ‘perfect life partner. Secondly, they could manage to extend this storyline since 2002. OMG!

8. The Big Bang Theory

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory

No clue how this show managed to force itself upon us for almost a decade now. The series relies on stereotypes, lame jokes, poor writing and portrays that intelligent people are weirdos! How great it would have been if they would’ve focused on some quality content.

9. Supernatural

TV Show: Supernatural

Till Season 5 the series was going great. However, after that, the show started becoming repetitive and boring. It became overly emotional, started making little sense, the storyline started to become over-the-top and completely unbelievable. Moreover, fans’ over-obsession with the lead stars is very irritating.

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