Greatest Fan Made Films You Can Watch For Free

Over the years, YouTube has presented us with a plethora of gems, ranging from animals doing dumb things to humans humiliating themselves. The best part of YouTube is the individuals who utilize it, uploading fan made films as serious as their political beliefs and as stupid as them buttering the floor for their roommate.

People today are weary of studios tweaking their fictitious heroes to the point that they would prefer not to have a movie at all. Fan made films have been around since the days of Star Trek, but now that technology is at their fingertips, more fans are showing Hollywood how they think the movies should go.

5. Black Ops 2: Zombies (Part 1 & 2)

This film is a fantastic spin on the renowned video game franchise, with three troops going against the zombie horde that everyone likes to kill. The Black Ops series of Call of Duty games allowed players to battle against unending rounds of zombies that just wanted to murder them, and these fans created an incredible homage to that series. Can the characters make it beyond the tenth round?

4. Green Lantern – The Blackest Night

The Green Lantern universe has expanded dramatically in recent years, with the inclusion of new power rings and villains. In this short video, the Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue fight each other after being brought together by an unknown power. Though the speech might be difficult to understand at times, the graphics and clashes between the many power rings make up for it.

3. Joker Rising

The origins of DC Comics’ most iconic villain have always been murky and fraught with mystery. Joker has been depicted by so many people and in so many various ways that it’s difficult to select a favorite rendition. This feature-length film explains the origins of the Joker, well, the Joker. This film, along with other legendary villains and characters from the Batman world, strives to figure out who the Joker is.

2. Mortal Combat: Rebirth

Because of this short trailer developed as a homage to the brutal franchise that is Mortal Kombat, movie agreements and a web series have been planned and launched. This short video, with a fresh perspective on famous characters and a darker tone, makes you wish it could be a full-length film.

1. The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

The Punisher film, starring Thomas Jane, was an epic masterpiece that fully demonstrated how badass Frank Castle can be. Even though the second Punisher picture was not as brilliant as the first, it was nonetheless enjoyable despite the absence of Thomas Jane. Dirty Laundry, on the other hand, recasts Jane as Frank, who takes on a local gang that is harassing everyone on the street. Also, after viewing it, you might get a yearning for some Jack Daniels.

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