10 Greatest Warships Of the Star Wars Universe – Ranked!!

Star Wars has some of the meanest, biggest, and flashiest Space Battles in cinematic history. And to that end, they have also some of the most powerful warships ever shown in the world of fiction. Let’s have a look.


Profundity Warship in Star Wars

The Ship known as Profundity was the Flagship of the Rebel Fleet during the Battle of Scariff. It was equipped with some tremendous firepower for its size.

The MC-75 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser came laced with twenty point defense laser cannons. It had twelve turbo lasers that could punch a hole through any force field.

Twelve Proton Torpedo launchers adorned its deck and it also had four powerful ion cannons for taking out an enemy ships’ electrical sub-systems in a single shot. But for all its powerful machinery, the Profundity was extremely bad at countering enemy attacks.

During the first phase of its battle with Imperial Star Ship – the Devastator, the Profundity yielded pretty quickly. This proved it was only good on paper.

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Venator Class Star Destroyer

The Venator Class Destroyers remained in service with the Republic and were tasked with hunting down the Separatists and their loyalists during the Era of Peace.

They were slow, clunky, and were prone to high lapses of maintenance. They had only one advantage over enemy ships that made them very valuable to the Galactic Republic. They were literal fortresses.

Equipped with eight heavy turbo lasers, four proton torpedo launchers, two medium turbo laser shot cannons, and six tractor beam projectors, and extremely powerful shielding technology, the Venator also had ample space to house more than a thousand starfighters within its belly. That is what made it dangerous and deadly.


Raddus Warship

The Raddus is an MC-85 Mon Calamari Class Star Cruiser. It is a step up from the MC-80 Star Cruiser, which is the successor to the Profundity.

The Raddus has eighteen turbo lasers in its arsenal. There are eighteen ion cannons and a whopping twelve number of point defense laser cannons. There is also a tractor beam emitter and six proton torpedo launchers in its weapon’s bay.

The Star Cruiser has an underwhelming amount of firepower when compared to its predecessor the Type MC-80. But it more than makes up for it with a powerful shield that can take punishments from multiple Star Destroyers and not even flinch.

The shielding technology is the reason it could perform the dangerous Holdo Maneuver.

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MC-80 Liberty

The MC-80 is a legacy ship that comes loaded with enough firepower to take down multiple enemy ships and cruisers on its own. For years, the Liberty Type Cruisers were the backbone of the Rebel Fleet.

The Mon Calamari Vessels were unique in design. No two ships were ever alike because the Mon Calamari space docks did not like making two ships with the same features.

The MC-80 had more than forty-eight turbo laser cannons, multiple tractor beam emitters, and proton torpedo launchers, as well as twenty heavy-duty ion discharge cannons.

The ships were extremely tough, a trait that was also passed down to their successor – the MC-85.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Like the MC-80 was the backbone of the Rebel Alliance, the Imperial Class Star Destroyers were the ones that formed the core flagship fleet of the Imperial Navy.

The Empire had two different classes of the Imperial Destroyer – Imperial I and Imperial II. Both ships had a variety of differences in terms of defensive abilities and weapon loads.

But both had one thing in common – they were designed for combat. The variety of roles the Imperial Star Destroyers functioned as were – Troop Transport, Ship to Ship Battle, Planetary Infiltration and Invasion as well as military stand-offs and blockading.

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The Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand was seen during the Prequel Trilogies. It had some of the most sophisticated technologies of its time. The most glaring advantage it had was the number of proton torpedo launchers it had.

The invisible Hand had one hundred and two torpedo launchers situated on its aft and deck. The ship led the battle for Count Dooku and General Grievous during the Battle of Coruscant.

The Providence Class Dreadnought had four quad-turbo laser cannons, thirty-four dual laser cannons, two heavy ion cannons and dozens of laser turrets all around its body for point defense.


The Executor was the legendary flagship of the Darth Vader and led his infamous Death Squadron. The ship was nineteen kilometers in length.

It had five thousand turbo laser cannons and hundreds of concussion missile tubes to launch high-velocity torpedoes that could destroy even a shielded ship in seconds.

The Executor had a massive amount of ion energy cannons on its stern area. Its amazing fore power was the reason it was tasked with defending the Emperor’s Death Star II.

Xyston Class Star Destroyer

The Xyston Class Star Destroyer, also known as the Sith Star Destroyer, was the starship developed to be used by the Final Order, Palpatine’s Powerful Armada he built within the hidden crevices of Exegol.

The Xyston Class was based on the design of the Imperial I Class Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire. The primary difference as that the size for the Xyston Class was more than that of the Imperial I Destroyer.

The entire hangar bay of the predecessor was replaced with one axial super laser cannon. This cannon packed enough punch to make an entire planet explode.

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First Order Dreadnought

The First Order was born from the ashes of the Galactic Empire.

When the Galactic Concordance happened, the last of the Sith Loyalists took the best scientists and engineers along with them to build a massive fleet within the depths of the un-accessible Unknown Regions.

The First Order Dreadnaught was the culmination of years of research to create the perfect Fleet Killer, as claimed by Poe Dameron.

We do not have any detailed information on its firepower but it was said to be so powerful it could take down an entire star system. This is arguably the second most powerful warship on this list.


warships on the star wars

If size matters, then the Supremacy takes the cake fair and square. The massive Mega Class Star Dreadnought had a wingspan of more than sixty kilometers. The entire span of the ship was thirteen kilometers from head to tail.

The Supremacy was the flagship of Supreme Leader Snoke. It had incredible amounts of firepower. Its large size allowed it to carry a high number of starfighters and weapon batteries.

It was so big that it could fit the supermassive Resurgent Class Destroyers within its hangar and still have room to spare.

The only way the Supremacy could have suffered irreversible damage was by literally ramming a ship into it at hyper-speed.

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