Green Arrow to appear in the DCEU

The CW started their own Cinematic Universe with Arrow, the show lasting for 8 seasons brought in a large audience and thanks to its success it created the Arrowverse a universe of hero’s including The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwoman. Unfortunately due to a large audience Arrow has been criticised for going downhill along with a number of CW shows not just including DC but shows like Riverdale have been complaint about for having a great first season an okay second season and an awful third season.

The DC Extended Universe has also faced criticism with exceptions for Wonder Woman, Aquaman and SHAZAM!. At the moment the main complaint regarding the DC Extended Universe is Robert Pattinson possibly as Batman, according to We Got This Coverd they may already have a backup plan. They state that the DC Extended Universe will interdouce Oliver Queen/Green Arrow too their shared Cinematic Univers, they claim Warner brothers may interdouce the archer in a team up movie! With Black Canary with her movie being rumored to be in the works for several years now. Although these are just rumors it’s actually a genius move, if their new Batman fails they already have a rich vigilante only he has a green suit and an arrow.

DC hasn’t been afraid to take risks with an Aquaman spin-off of the trench already in the works, and an all female team up movie, Birds Of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) being released next year, Warner Brothers has stated that they want a universe with less batman and Superman and more less known characters like Plastic Man who also has a movie in production, with no director or actor attached to the project yet.

DC has their strong point with Female hero’s, with Wonder Woman becoming a worldwide box office smash, so a Female and Male team up movie would do Justice for Black Canary, in the comics Green Arrow has been a much lighter character compared to the CW show, DC and Warner Brothers could do a much lighter tone for the character after all they have been criticised for a dark universe.

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