Green Lantern just got a Power Battery Upgrade

As seen in the new preview from DC of ‘Green Lantern’, Hal Jordan got an upgrade as a reward to navigate through Controller Mu’s threats and win against the Blackstars.


The new preview contains the Green Lantern upgrade

The new preview contains the Green Lantern upgrade 
Green Lantern gets a Power Battery upgrade

After the huge victory, the Guardians throw a huge ceremony to commemorate his achievement and give him a brand new upgraded Power Battery to charge his ring. And also, it contains an upgrade or two along with a slick redesign.

The details of the upgrades are not revealed yet, except that there is a tease that Jordan will find the upgrades very interesting.


More about Green Lantern’s upgrade

More about Green Lantern's upgrade 
Green Lantern’s battery upgrade will help him fight better

The new Power Battery may be able to help Hal to deal situations of multi crisis and the absence of Guardians. Their decision to give Hal the new Power Battery seems linked to their choice to leave, so it’s likely the two actions have something to do with one another, though just what that might be isn’t clear at this time. Hal himself being very powerful, this Power Battery to give him the abilities to fight the waging wars that lie ahead.


The preview of Season Two #1

The preview of Season Two #1
DC celebrates Green Lantern’s 80th anniversary

“The team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp continue their bold new take on the Emerald Warrior in a wild 30-page second season opener! In the wake of the Blackstar incursion, Hal Jordan and his fellow Lanterns must pick up the pieces from that cataclysmic conclusion. Among them is Jordan’s next critical mission: search for the next generation of cosmic immortals. Is the universe ready for…the Young Guardians?”

Green Lantern Season 2 #1 is written by Grant Morrison with art by Liam Sharp, colors by Steve Oliff, and letters by Tom Orzechowski.




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