GTA 6 Might Release Very Soon, But At A Big Price

Fans of the popular game – Grand Theft Auto – upset over the reported delay in the release of GTA 6. 

The hype that amounted to nothing

Release of the new location for the game.

In December 2019, Rockstar Games, developer of GTA, revealed a photo of the location of the game. This initial announcement invigorated fans of GTA with hopes of expecting Grand Theft Auto 6 earlier this year. However, a recent report that surfaced online says that GTA 6 is still years away from release

This news was enough to devastate the fans, despite the early announcement of the release that caused the hype. 

GTA took to Twitter, saying that it was proud to announce that GTA 6 is in early developmental stages. 

Let’s know a little about Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games may have tentative plans

If there is any game developer that comprises an enormous fan base, it is possibly Rockstar Games. Such is their reputation for creating popular games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. 

Their “crunch culture” and stressful timeframes are such, and it poses a severe pressure over their employees. Their games usually take years to develop and boatloads of money to deliver the final output. 

What do the reports say further?

Plans to release the game in moderate sizes have surfaced.

Back to our point about the release of GTA 6, it is rumored that there would still be a release. 

However, Rockstar Games intend to fiddle with the game by releasing a smaller version instead of the original version. The upcoming portions of the game are planned for release through future updates. This is a hefty price to be paid by the fans if they expect the release to be sooner.

Fans feel this would not allow them to enjoy the authenticity of what GTA is known. Nevertheless, this move is to reduce the stress and crunch that prevails among their employees.

Source: comicbook, BGR.

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