alleged GTA 6's screenshot

Recently a screenshot alleged to be of GTA 6 has gone viral on social media platforms. But fans aren’t sure about it.

They are confused about whether it is authentic or is just a moded version of GTA 5.

Meanwhile, others think that it is a deliberately photoshopped picture of real-life Miami.


The respective picture showcases skyline of Miami, some palm trees, pinks sky, birds flying. Apart from this, nothing is much visible because of the lighting effect.

The leaked screenshot alleged to be of GTA 6

The odds are all against it because of the blurry look itself. Most of the blurry and unrevealing leaked images end up being fake.

Random people provide a ton of leaks but seldom are genuine ones.

Also, it isn’t a leak from a reliable leaker or someone within the industry. But it is by a random person on the internet.

But when we take a look at the picture, it is almost sure that it is fake. It is possible that it could be taken from the previously-released versions of the game.


GTA 6 Screenshot Leaked? Is It Real?
GTA 5 released in 2013

It is quite apparent that a newer version of GTA is going to be released sooner or later. It may get released by the name GTA 6 or something way more cooler but, it’s been six years since the release of v, and we still don’t know what’s coming up exactly.

At the time of publishing, Rockstar hasn’t commented on the leak or confirmed anything about the development of GTA 6. So there is no scope for jumping into conclusions.


Ned Luke, who portrayed Michael De Santa in GTA V in his recent live on Instagram, addressed the rumors on the forthcoming game. He claimed that no one outside Rockstar itself knows anything.

“They’re just clickbait. If you hear it from Rockstar, then you know, “added the actor.

So before coming to any conclusions on what’s on the internet we just need to be more patient.

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