Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 Resurrects An Old But Dangerous Friend

SPOILER WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #9. It is written by Donny Cates, Cory Smith, Victor Olazaba, David Curiel and Cory Petit. It is now sale now. 


Guardians of the Galaxy #8 left fans with a huge question on what or who could be the Universal Church of Truth’s Adam Warlock cocoons. Readers came to know that the Church, which came from a dystopian future aimed to collect enough energy from prisoners. With this they aimed to hatch a legion of regenerative cocoons which usually gives birth to Adam Warlock. But is it really Adam inside it?

Drax The Destroyer Inside The Adam Warlock Cocoons? 

Drax in the Adam Warlock coccons can mean bad news. Pic courtesy: cosmicbooknews.com
Drax in the Adam Warlock cocoons can mean bad news. Pic courtesy: cosmicbooknews.com

The Patriarch or the leader of the Church and the mind controlled father of Peter Quill, J’son of Spartax said that Adam Warlock wasn’t inside these cocoons. As for who was actually in it, he just gave hint about that. It is Guardians of the Galaxy #9 which reveals who was inside the coccons and it’s one angry looking Drax the Destroyer.

When the Adam Warlock cocoon cracks then it’s revealed to be Drax inside, but also not. This Drax is wearing his old purple outfit from his earliest comic book appearances and he seems to be fueled by rage. Drax’s purple costume was worn by the Destroyer in Fallen Guardian as well. This seems to be indicative of the fact that the Church of Truth was able to bring back only his Destroyer half.

What Happened To Drax The Destroyer?

Drax got split into Arthur and the Destroyer. Pic courtesy: marvel.fandom.com
Drax got split into Arthur and the Destroyer. Pic courtesy: marvel.fandom.com

Drax the Destroyer met his demise at the end of 2018’s Infinity Wars comic book event. There, Drax was split into two halves thanks to the Soul Stone. This made him who he was- Arthur Douglas and the alien destroyer. Ultimately, Drax’s two halves sacrificed themselves to ensure the survival of the newly created Warp World.

But they didn’t technically die. Instead, in Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 it was revealed that Arthur Douglas was given a second chance at life in the Warp World. But on the other hand, The Destroyer battled endless hordes of enemies in the Soul World. But the Drax that readers knew was dead. But that status might change as he is back in Guardians of the Galaxy #9. Or atleast a part of him is.

There’s still a lot of questions regarding how he was brought back to life. But what one should know is that the Universal Church of Truth has created an army of Destroyer and this isn’t a good thing at all. What happens next, remains to be seen.

To know more about what happens in Guardians of the Galaxy #9, click on the video below:


(Source: cbr.com and cosmicbook.news)

Ishita Chatterjee
Ishita Chatterjee

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