‘Had Cat Scratches Worse Than This’: Fans Call Out Zendaya for Making Mountain Out of a Molehill Over Minor Cooking Accident, Ask Her to Stop Her Gen Z Overacting

Youngest Emmy winner, Zendaya can act, dance, and write but not cook, as it is proven by her recent Instagram post. Recently the actress posted a series of stories on Instagram, she revealed she cut her finger in the kitchen so deeply, that she had to get stitches for the first time in her life. “See now…this is why I don’t cook,” Zendaya wrote on her Instagram story with a photo of her finger wrapped in blood, gauze, and a bandage.

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Injury of Zendaya that made the news

Actress Zendaya in Spider-Man No Way Home
Actress Zendaya in Spider-Man No Way Home

The actor later updated that she received stitches, and remained in good spirits, sharing a pic. She wrote, “Baby’s first stitches lol back to never cooking again.” As the news got over the internet, netizens called out Zendaya and the recent GenZ celebrities for making mountain out of a molehill. 

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Netizens’ reaction to the Injury


A user wrote, “Kendall Jenner” should give her the coking lessons. 

A cat lover wrote, “Lol I’ve had cat scratches worse then this” while responding to the news. 

“I cut myself twice in one year chopping vegetables,” posted a user with a photo of shark-proof gloves.

“just learnt o use the knife” a user wrote for the MCU actress to learn to cut vegetables. 

A user wrote “These next generations will be the worst in history” while showing the disappointment how “millennials and Gen Z can’t even cook for themselves”.


In recent times, celebrities have always made a fuss out of their tiny small injuries and Zendaya is no exception. Even though the GenZ and Millenials are called out for posting such life updates on social media platforms, the MCU actor had to go through the netizens’ backlash.  

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