Hail To The King: Aquaman’s 7 Most Badass Moments In The History Of DC Comics, Ranked!

Aquaman is the lamest superhero in the DC world. This is one of the most popular belief in the comic world. Aquaman has been the oldest joke since Super Friends premiered in 1973.
However, here is one of the fun facts about Aquaman. He has been around even before Batman. Aquaman made his debut in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941. And because of his long long history with the comics world, Aquaman deserved a solo movie and we are getting it later this year.
However, we are here to praise Aquaman for what he really is. Outrageous and Dope!


In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman is murdered by Black Manta. Black Manta evolves into a full classic supervillain, as he explains how he was behind the entire plot to wage war against the surface world.
Aquaman revives and uses his newly discovered fish bending power to summon a Megalodon against Black Manta. The giant shark devours Black Panta and all Aquaman could say is “Outrageous.”


In the ultimate gender swapped Earth 11, Batwoman declares the ultimate war against Aquawoman. The Atlantians drowns Gotham City in retaliation. And then Bryce Wayne, the gender swapped Bruce Wayne takes over the mantle of Aquabat-woman.
This Aquabat Woman is able to control water, able to regenerate and enlist her fallen foes into the Dead Water enemies.
This enables her to single handedly submerge the entire Earth-11. Impressed, The Batman who laughs recruits The Drowned and takes over Aquaman and Mera.

3. Aquaman vs Justice League

To prove his worth and find his place in the Justice League, Aquaman had to battle with the rest of the Justice League members in Justice League #16 (2013). What was supposed to be a friendly fight, turned into a violent encounter with Aquaman single handedly beating the hell out of every superhero.
His punch smashed Superman through the pier, he charged through Batman’s flash grenades but ultimately got caught up in the Lasso of Truth.


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis witnessed the battle between Aquaman and his brother Orm to determine the rightful ruler of the sea.
Aquaman’s punch rips apart Orm’s Ocean controlling Helmet into two.
Aquaman wields the Trident of Atlantis as he announces, “I am your King.”

5. The Battle of Aquamans

So is Aquaman better than Aquaman? As wierd as it may sound, such a battle happened in 1994’s Aquaman#47. It’s the hook hand Aquaman vs The Original Orange shirt Aquaman. The Bearded Aquaman defeats the OG Aquaman. Then the hook hand, aka OG Aquaman reveals his true identity of how he used a youth spell to conceal his beard. When his spell will wear off, he will be just like the Bearded Aquaman he was fighting.

6. No Trident of Atlantis

Jason Mamoa tried his level best to make the lamest of all, Aquaman to look as cool as possible. In the best fight sequence of the entire movie, Aquaman takes on the Parademons, demostrating his powers on the surface. He soars through the air, where he is caught up by Cyborg as he bullseye a Parademon with some sort of Trident looking weapon. On being asked in an interview later, Mamoa said, “I didn’t call it a trident. It’s a quindent. We don’t call it that in the movie and when you watch Aquaman you’re going to see him go for the trident.”

7. The Supreme Sea Lord

Aquaman’s ability to control the sea life has been nebulous. For example, in DC Comics Presents #48, Aquaman had to acquire help from Superman to fight against some telepathic alien octopi. However, the alien octopi overpowers Superman hitting him with a neural shock which left him unconscious.
Aquaman comes up with the solution,

“The brains of humans retain anatomical vestiges of their evolutionary ancestors, including the earliest sea-dwellers! If the Kryptonians’ evolution worked similarly… I can control Superman’s body through that atavistic ‘fish’ brain!”
Luckily, The Kryptonian brain belongs to the sea life as Aquaman wargs himself into a fully functional Superman.


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