“Halloween” (2018) sequel in the works

It looks like Michael Myers will once again return, Collider now reports that a sequel to “Halloween” (2018) is getting ready for a September film shoot. Collider reports a production start is set after Labor Day, Universal has an untitled horror movie scheduled for October 16, 2020. The film will be more likely called “Halloween 2”

Many of the original cast will return such as Jamie Lee Curtis who portrayed Laurie Strode in the original (1978) and the 2018 sequel/reboot. Cast members Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are expected to reprise their roles as Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter. David Gordon who wrote the script for “Halloween 2” is rumoured to return to Director’s chair.

Halloween (1978) Synopsis: SPOILERS!

On Halloween night 1963, in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, six-year-old Michael Myers, dressed in a clown costume, inexplicably stabs his older sister Judith to death with a kitchen knife in their home. Fifteen years later, on October 30, 1978, Michael’s psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis, and his colleague, Marion Chambers, arrive at Warren County’s Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to escort Michael to court. Michael escapes the sanitarium, stealing Loomis’ car in the process, and returning home to Haddonfield.

On the road, Michael kills a mechanic for his coveralls, and steals a mask, knives, and rope from a local hardware store. The following day, on Halloween, Michael begins stalking high school student Laurie Strode after she drops off a key at his former house, so her father can sell it. Throughout the day, Laurie notices Michael following her, but her best friends Annie Brackett and Lynda Van der Klok dismiss her concerns. Loomis arrives in Haddonfield in search of Michael, visiting Judith’s grave in the local cemetery, only to find her tombstone stolen. He meets with Haddonfield’s sheriff, Leigh Brackett, Annie’s father, and they both go to Michael’s house, where Loomis tries to convince Sheriff Brackett about the danger Michael poses, explaining that Michael is pure evil and capable of further violence, despite years of catatonia. Sheriff Brackett patrols the streets while Loomis waits at the house, expecting Michael to return.

Later that night, Laurie babysits Tommy Doyle, while Annie babysits Lindsey Wallace just across the street, unaware that Michael has followed them. When Annie’s boyfriend, Paul, calls her to come and pick him up, she takes Lindsey over to the Doyle house to spend the night with Laurie and Tommy. Annie is just about to leave in her car when Michael, who had hidden in the back seat, strangles her and slits her throat. Soon after, Lynda and her boyfriend Bob Simms arrive at the Wallace house. After having sex, Bob goes downstairs to get a beer for Lynda, but Michael fatally stabs him. Michael then poses as Bob in a ghost costume and confronts Lynda, who teases him, to no effect. Annoyed, Lynda calls Laurie, but Michael strangles Lynda with the telephone wire just as Laurie picks up. Meanwhile, Loomis discovers the stolen car and begins searching the streets.

Suspicious, Laurie goes over to the Wallace house, and finds the bodies of Annie, Bob, and Lynda in an upstairs bedroom, as well as Judith Myers’ headstone. Horrified, Laurie cowers in a hallway, when Michael suddenly appears and attacks her, slashing her arm. Barely escaping, Laurie flees back to the Doyle house. Michael follows, but Laurie manages to fend him off long enough for Tommy and Lindsey to escape, defending herself by stabbing him in the neck with a knitting needle, in the eye with a metal hanger, and in the chest with his own knife. Loomis sees Tommy and Lindsey fleeing the house, and goes to investigate, finding Michael and Laurie fighting upstairs. Loomis shoots Michael six times, knocking him off the balcony; when Loomis goes to check Michael’s body, he finds it missing. An unsurprised Loomis stares off into the night, while Laurie begins sobbing in terror.

Halloween (2018) Synopsis: [SPOILERS]

On October 29, 2018, Michael Myers, who has been in Warren County Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for forty years since his killing spree in Haddonfield, is being prepared for transfer to a new facility. True-crime podcasters Aaron Korey and Dana Haines interview Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Dr. Samuel Loomis’ former student until he died, before meeting with Michael to gain some insight into his past actions. Aaron brandishes the mask that Michael wore in 1978, at him, to no effect.

In Haddonfield, Illinois, Laurie Strode is living an isolated life, in her heavily fortified house. She has been divorced twice, having a strained relationship with her daughter Karen, and became an alcoholic. Laurie is far from happy, as the tragic events from 1978 still haunt her; she has prepared for Michael’s potential return through combat training. The following night, Michael’s transport crashes, and he escapes, killing a father and son for their car, and returns home to Haddonfield. The following day, on Halloween, Michael spots Aaron and Dana visiting his sister Judith’s grave in the local cemetery, and follows them to a gas station, where he kills them, as well as a mechanic for his coveralls, and recovers his mask. Deputy Frank Hawkins, who arrested Michael in 1978, tries to convince Sheriff Barker about the danger Michael poses after learning that Michael has escaped transfer. Laurie discovers Michael’s getaway after overhearing a news broadcast and attempts to warn Karen and her husband Ray, but they dismiss her concerns.

Later that night, Michael steals a kitchen knife and kills two women. Meanwhile, Allyson, Karen’s daughter, finds her boyfriend Cameron Elam cheating on her at a school-sponsored Halloween party, and leaves with his best friend, Oscar. Allyson’s best friend Vicky babysits Julian Morrisey, when her boyfriend, Dave arrives. Michael, who had hidden in the closet, attacks them. Vicky sacrifices herself to save Julian, and Michael fatally stabs her. Julian flees, as Michael kills Dave. Hawkins and Laurie hear the incident over the radio and go over to the house, where Hawkins finds the bodies of Vicky and Dave. Hawkins and Laurie find Michael, and he and Laurie come face-to-face for the first time in forty years. Laurie shoots Michael, who flees, and Sartain persuades Sheriff Barker to allow him to help the hunt for Michael. Laurie persuades Karen and Ray to seek protection in her house. Michael comes across Allyson and Oscar, killing the latter. Hawkins and Sartain arrive just in time to save Allyson. Hawkins tries to kill Michael, but Sartain – obsessed with Michael’s enigmatic motivations – kills Hawkins, and reveals he seeks to understand how Michael feels when he kills, and reveals that he arranged for Michael’s escape to reinforce his perceived role as an “apex predator” who needs to finish what he started and kill Laurie to reassert himself. Sartain, hoping to see his patient in action, is killed by Michael. Allyson flees, while Michael kills two deputies for their car. Allyson arrives at Laurie’s house, where Michael appears and kills Ray.

Laurie manages to get Karen to safety, before she engages in a showdown with Michael. Laurie severely injures Michael and severs two of his fingers, but he stabs her in the abdomen and pushes her over a balcony; when Michael goes to check Laurie’s body, he finds it missing. As Michael pursues Allyson and Karen, the latter shoots Michael in the jaw. Laurie suddenly appears and attacks him, trapping him inside the basement safe room. Laurie, Karen and Allyson set the house ablaze, and the trio escapes in the back of a passing pickup truck. A final shot of the burning basement is shown, with Michael nowhere to be seen. In a post-credits scene, Michael’s breathing is heard, indicating that he survived

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