Halloween 8: Lord Of The Dead Was Supposed To End With Laurie Strode Becoming Michael Myers

It is really challenging to count exactly how many “Halloween” films are there. But Halloween 8 could have had the best ending ever.

Two Characters Merge At The End

The title, Halloween Ends, depicts a sense of false advertising because everybody knows that the franchise will never end, ever. Even today, he is out there, murdering again in Halloween Kills. The eighth part of the series, Halloween: Resurrection, was released in 2002. However, there is yet another version of it that was supposed to get released. It was called Halloween 8: Lord of the Dead.

Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise
Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise

Not all but one of the Halloween films featured Michael Myers. While others, featured the original series actress, Laurie Strode. But what if these two characters merge at the end? That was exactly the plot plan to end the Lord of the Dead, as revealed by Daniel Farrands, the screenwriter of the Halloween franchise.

Halloween 8: Lord of the Dead

Daniel Farrands drafted the sixth part of the series, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, starring Paul Rudd as Tommy Doyle and Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis. He later appeared for the seventh installment with a plot where Tommy was supposed to consult Loomis.

Halloween Kills is premiering in theaters and on Peacock
Halloween Kills is premiering in theaters and on Peacock

Later, he continued echoing about his vision for Halloween 8: Lord of the Dead. He highlighted how Laurie went completely mad and visited back from the killings she struggled to survive and become like The Shape. The scenario sounded sense to him because as far as Halloween: H20 was concerned, she breathed heavily after chopping his head off with the axe.

While this could sound like a goofball idea to many, some might not even care how the franchise is going to end after how it preceded. The most prominent parts of the Halloween franchise included the very first one by John Carpenter, H20, and David Gordon Green’s Halloween.

Halloween Kills is premiering in theaters and on Peacock.

Source: Bloody Disgusting and Slash Film

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