Halo Actor Pablo Schreiber Teases Major Plot Update With Covenant’s Makee

Pablo Schreiber has begun starting to plant new seeds for the very first confrontation between Makee and the Master Chief.

First Meeting Between Chief and the Covenant’s Makee

Pablo Schreiber
Pablo Schreiber plants the seeds for the first confrontation between the Master Chief and Makee

Until now, The Halo TV series has seen various unique twists on the lore stemming from the iconic video game franchise, however, it might be the most massive and even the most controversial thing to come from a human woman within the Covenant.

Makee seems to be one of the antagonists of this series

Pablo Schreiber On Halo
Actor Pablo Schreiber On The Series, Halo, Creating A New Fanbase

As we know, Makee is the only human who already exists within the Covenant – rather actively – and seems to be one of the antagonists of this series. When the world tends to move up, many are certainly expecting Makee and Master Chief to come up and put a fight against the face, presumably something that many want.

Pablo Schreiber opened up to TVLine, revealing that the characters will be meeting during this very season, even teasing when to finally expect the showdown. Schreiber also noted that many fans might expect that Master Chief would meet Makee around halfway through the nine-episode long series, so fans might see this happen a week before or next week. As for the fans’ views, while the minds meet, Schreiber hints that it cannot really be anything that’s positive. “Well, her eradication is wrong, and she has a Covenant sympathizer, but it doesn’t fit what’s possible, can it?” In the trailers, Makee is seen causing chaos, hence, she is more likely to be involved in more than just exchanging some words. While she really isn’t an alien warrior with a dangerous power sword or blaster, she looks like someone who is confident and can be seen as a capable villain.

Halo has been a huge commercial success until now

Halo: Infinite
Halo: Infinite

Until now, Halo has been a huge commercial success across the globe. The gaming series has gone ahead to set a record for Paramount+ during its anticipated debut in March and has since, gone on to receive various positive reactions from the critics.

Halo has been greenlit for yet another season already, but we do not have any more details mentioned yet, whether it’s regarding its story, release date, or anything around it. It’s quite likely that most fans will find more indications of whether the show will be headed by the first season before it ends at the end of the season.

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