Halo TV Series: Master Chief And Dr. Halsey Confirmed

Good news for Halo fans: Master Chief has been confirmed for Halo TV series!

It comes via THR stating that John/Master Chief is going to be a character in the series. He is described “as a Spartan-like warrior of large built”, which is a subtle nod to the iconic face of Halo video game series.

Stated back in the summer that Showtime would be making Master Chief a major part of the series. Now, this recent confirmation proves that he will be the lead character in the show, rather than a simple legend in the series.

Fans have already started speculating about how the series will present the character whose face is never revealed in the game. The TV series will need to build an actual character, with personalities and backstories that are bigger than just a helmet and armour. There’s a backstory for Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy-John 117. Here’s how Showtime CEO has described the version of Halo being built by the network:

“It is a very different genre, it’s futuristic, space-based science fiction, it’s not fantasy. It took us a long time to get the script but we felt like we had something that was really interesting and felt like it belonged on Showtime in terms of its character depth, and it’s gonna be a big show.”

President of Programming, Gary Levine has also given a statement about the Master Chief:

“We made a conscious decision to hire a writer not known for sci-fi and not known for big battle movies, because that’s already baked into the Halo franchise and we will service that, but we also wanted to ensure that we were getting beneath the formidable armor of the Spartans and really getting inside the team drama so it felt like it belonged on Showtime.”

The show will go “beneath the armour” of Spartan warriors and a lot of Halo fans are hoping that Steve Downes will be voicing the iconic character.

Dr Halsey, the SPARTAN-II program creator has also been confirmed for the series. The casting for the role is for someone aged 55-65, which indicates that we will get a version of Halsey who undergoes a change of heart about her living weapons of war.

Halo is slated to start its production in June 2019.

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