Harbour says Red Guardian is the Best Character of the Marvel!

Black Widow actor David Harbour teases his character’s motivations and recently told us about “the best character in all of the MCU.” Arriving in theaters this May, the Black Widow is the long-awaited solo film for Scarlett Johansson.

What is Black Widow all about?

What is Black Widow all about?
Black Widow is focused on delving into the mysterious past!

Natasha is finally getting her time that would be spent delving into her mysterious past. Fans have gained little knowledge about Natasha’s life before entering SHIELD and, therefore, the Avengers, but soon, as she visits the Red Room that tutored her, they’ll learn a ton more. Harbor plays Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian in Black Widow, Natasha’s pseudo-father, and Russia’s equivalent of Captain America. Magazine fans have already noted that his big-screen backstory is different than that of the source material, since within the comics, Alexei, at one point, is Natasha’s husband. However, very similar to other characters within the MCU, the films have opted to modify things up.

Know What Harbour thinks About Alexei

Know What Harbour thinks About Alexei 
Alexei is the best character in MCU.

Harbour is famously known for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. During a recent interview, Harbour unfolded a little more about his MCU character. After mentioning he thinks Alexei is the best character within the MCU, he went on to clarify why that was an appropriate thing to say. Harbour’s explanation went like this:
I think I’m biased, but I feel it is the best character in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean, he’s a narcissist, so it’s incredibly appropriate that I’m playing him. As he’s just got such a lot of layers, on one level he’s your classic superhero badass character, then again once you meet him, he wants to be thought of as funny.

What Role Does he Plays in the Movie?

What Role Does he Plays in the Movie?
He is Russia’s version of Captain America!

As one of the members of Natasha‘s estranged Russian family, fans are interested in the role he played in Natasha’s past, moreover as why he’s never been mentioned before. Black Widow would expectedly provide enough answers to those questions. Rachel Weisz and Florence Pugh link Harbour in whirling out Natasha’s pre-Avengers family. Despite being Russia’s version of Captain America, Alexei sounds very different than Steve Rogers, and that is a decent thing. He was making his character, too, just like Steve’s would have felt like rehashing something that’s already been done before. Instead, Harbour’s comments suggest a fresher withstand the character and one who will play a pivotal role in Black Widow.

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