A new Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) footage dropped recently. Sure trailers drop all the time, but this one seemed to suggest that Harley gets a superhuman boost due to cocaine. Now that’s something to wow about. Check out the new Birds of Prey trailer where this all goes down:

Trailer Shows A Super Powered Harley Quinn Due To Cocaine

Harley on drugs? More likely than you think. Pic courtesy: gw.com
Harley on drugs? More likely than you think. Pic courtesy: gw.com

In the new trailer we saw Harley’s baseball wielding and bad-guy-beat-up skills get improved due to some illicit substances. It’s truly unlike anything seen before. At least like this.

The scene in question has Harley cornered in a police storage facility. The armed thugs open fire as Harley takes cover behind a large mound of cocaine accumulated as evidence. With Harley hiding behind the drug pellets and cartons, the thugs open gunfire on the packaged drugs. As one can imagine, this releases the substances into the air and Harley inhales them. When she opens her eyes there’s a newfound clarity and resolve in them. Harley then unleashes a perfect counterattack by tossing a brick of cocaine into the air and using her baseball bat to hit it like a grenade at her opponents. She then follows up her baseball moves with a very impressive dropkick.

Why Fans Think It’s The Drug That Has Given Harley Her Powers

A drug enhanced Harley will be deadly. Pic courtesy: nme.com
A drug enhanced Harley will be deadly. Pic courtesy: nme.com

Fighting isn’t something one would attribute to the quirky Harley Quinn who was once called Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. She was an accomplished psychiatrist so her intellect was always great. Now those mental abilities have great physical prowess to go with. Apart from this she is also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant. Harley also often shows exceptional agility and is an expert gymnast. All these skills would be enough to be called superhuman in the DC universe. But Harley has never been called such. But the cocaine has sharpened her skills and made her more powerful. Her attacks now have power to them than usual. Maybe this is Harley becoming what she always had the potential for. 

But it’s also possible that what she inhaled was not normal cocaine and was instead some kind of performance inducing drugs. After all there’s a lot of that stuff scattered across the DC Universe. A good example of another substance like this would be MCU’s super soldier serum.

While we are pretty sure that Harley walks away from the confrontation unscathed but it will be interesting to see just how this drug affects the movie. After all, some theories have begun circulating that the entire thing is in her head.

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(Source: CBR.com and glamour.com)

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