Harley Quinn : Birds of prey emerges from dead this weekend !!!!!

Birds of Prey opened last week after being well-publicized but did not have much strong box-office opening as one might have expected,  even though it did have a strong grip on the weekend. the shortage of receipts led many people to declare the movie straight out disappointing or flop.


Birds of prey dc movie
The fantastic Harley Quinn

Let’s start with the title, which was converted from Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) to birds of prey which makes it much less descriptive and does not give away much of the important aspects of the story . Even after this, the consensus views about the movie is still good enough . its Certified Fresh at 80 percent and has a solid 81 percent Audience Score to boot. Adding to that, the film has a B+ CinemaScore — same as Joker which might just be enough motivation for the viewers to book tickets for the second weekend.

It’s Anti-valentine nature

Birds of prey dc movie
Anti-valentine nature of the movie

Warner Bros considers birds of prey as legit anti-valentine movie and since the valentine week is up it will be good for the single anti-romantic no candy crowd as Harley Quinn is resonating with them after her separation from the joker and it’s all about her emancipation.

Box-office record

Birds of prey dc movie
box-office release goes slow yet stable

The bird of prey did not get an excellent box-office opening but it does still have magnificent chances to overcome this low blow and get back into the business in the second weekend as a rebound. it’s gonna be immensely interesting to observe how this turns out.

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