Harry Potter: Fans Share Mysterious Facts About The Magic Wands Of The Wizarding World

They are so prominent in the Harry Potter universe. but the wands of the Wizarding World hold so many secrets close to the chest. Let’s start unraveling them.

Wand-Making Is An Art & A Family Secret

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

The Wizarding World would stop functioning if their were no wands. The wands of the wizarding worlds form the bread and butter of all magic in the Harry Potter universe. And a few people have absolute monopoly over this industry of wand-making. Only a select few people from certain families like The Ollivanders know the secret technique of wand-making.

The Elder Wand’s Core Is The Hair Of A Thestral

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Thestrals are pretty elusive magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. A winged horse kind of creature with reptilian features, not everyone could see them. Only people like Luna and Harry could see a Thestral. A Thestral Hair forms the core of the Elder Wand, the most powerful magical wand ever made.

Wands Chose Their Own Master Based On Their Own Criteria

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Some wands like the Elder Wand are fascinated with power. So it will chose only a master who is strong enough to wield it. There are some wands who will never work properly in a stranger’s hands, always preferring its one and only master. And then there are a few like Draco Malfoy‘s, who are as fickle as they get, and are pretty much turncoats.

The Kind Of Wood Wands Are Made Out Of Dictates What Magic They Can Cast

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

The type of wood a wand is made from can determine what kind of spell the wielder of the wand can cast best. Acacia wands are good for subtle, gifted magic. Hawthorn wood wands are good for casting curses and Ebony Wands are preferred for their combative power. And Aspen wands are good for one on one dueling. But Yew Wands are preferred for casting dark magic involving death.

The Magic Comes From The Wand’s Core

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

Fans of Harry Potter think that the wand itself produces magic. But the magic originates from the very core the wand draws power from. And not just anything acts as a core. You can’t put a rabbit’s foot in there and call it a day. Also the wood needs to be special grade. Normal wooded wands shatter at the first instance a spell is cast.

Dark Wizards have Their Own Preference For Wands

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Not all wands can sustain the ferocity and power of dark magic. So magicians with an affinity for dark magic prefer wands made out of certain variety of wood. Blackthorn, Walnut, and Yew wood wands are mostly used by dark wizards.

The Wand Of Salazar Slytherin Is Now A Prized Family Heirloom That’s Still Used To Cast Magic

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

Salazar Slytherin is a legendary wizard from ancient times. His wand was made out of snakewood. And it had a Basilisk Horn for a core. Being able to cast powerful magic, the wand was passed down from one generation after Salazar’s passing. Moreover, many of the descendants ended up using it for dark magic, which the wand had a terrible affinity for.

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