Harry Potter: Things The Movies Did Better Than The Books

When it comes to a franchise like Harry Potter, fans worldwide are divided on the opinions about what is better; The Books or The Movies? Well, books are always better and when someone who has read the book goes to watch the movie, they do notice all the changes that were made in the films.

But there are times, the movie adds or changes things for the better. And no matter how much you love the books, you would appreciate the things which the movies did :

1. They Cut The Sorting Hat’s Songs

If you have read the book, you know exactly what we are talking about. In the books, the Sorting Hat sang a song. It was about the four houses and what it means to be sorted into each house. The song also had a part with Voldemort returning and about the war. And the song became serious when it touched these topics.

Many fans have complained that this song shouldn’t have been cut, but many are glad they did. It is an extremely long song and could have even become tedious to hear. Yes, it did work in the book, but a hat singing a song about a war in a movie? Eh! Pass.


2.  Bellatrix Torturing Hermione

In the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when Bellatrix tortures Hermione, Harry and Ron never witness it.  They just hear Hermione screaming and we assume that Bellatrix is casting spells on her.

However, in the movie, fans could experience these chilling visuals as we saw what she had done. Bellatrix carves the word “mudblood” into her arm. This what a subtle hint at how dangerous and evil the death eaters are and the fact the villains just operate on the idea that magic belongs to the purebloods and not muggles!

3. Hermione Oblivates Her Parents

We never really experienced this in the books as Hermione just says she cast a memory charm on her parents to make sure no one harms them. But in the films, we get to see her casting that spell and what emotions she is going through were visible through her expressions.

It was a sad and eye-opening scene that showed us the depth in her character and also we got to see a different perspective than just Harry Potter.

4. The Tale of The Three Brothers

The Deathly Hallows’ story comes from a fairytale about three brothers who were gifted the same by none other than Death himself. In the books, Hermione just read the tale of the Peverell brothers and death.

But in the movie, there is this amazing animation. As Hermione reads the story, the animation starts playing on the screen. It was a smart (and great) way to add these visuals to the story and make it more interesting, rather than just see Harry, Ron, and Xenophilius Lovegood listen to her read.

5. “Double Double Toil And Trouble” Song

The third film had a choir of students singing the Halloween tune with toads in their hands. Though this song isn’t in the book, it was definitely fun to see this musical. Of course, there are other songs in the books, but they are a bit longer.

6. The Hungarian Horntail

In the Goblet of Fire, Harry faced a Hungarian Horntail as one of the tasks of the Triwizard Tournament. In the book, the dragon didn’t stray away far from her nest, since she is nesting. However, in the film, it’s comparatively more dramatic. The dragon is chained and chases Harry.

7. Harry and Hermione Dancing!

This scene never happened in the book, but the movie showed Harry and Hermione sharing a dance together in their tent. It was a good reminder about their friendship and knowing how intense the movie was, it was a good moment to see this side of theirs.

Mahima parmar
Mahima parmar

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