‘Harvard is just as tacky as the Kardashians’: Fans Troll Harvard For Letting Kim Kardashian Peddle Herself as ‘Self-Made’ Billionaire in Obnoxiously Long 2 Hour Speech

Kim Kardashian had made headlines over the years for a very wide variety of reasons. However, this time the reason is somewhat unique. The Kardashians star made an appearance at the Harvard Business School on Friday and took the whole internet by storm. It is not the first time that Kim K made headlines for a good reason this week. It was recently reported that she visited a prison for the cause of prison reformation. The American socialite has always been vocal about her discontent against the cruelties against prison inmates. In the past, she has used her celebrity status to help a number of inmates in many prisons.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

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Her guest appearance at Harvard was not taken well by the internet as Twitter users trolled both the business school and Kim K for the same.

Kim Kardashian gave a 2-hour speech at the Harvard Business School

Kim Kardashian is the co-founder of a multi-billion clothing and shapewear brand, SKIMS which was valued at a whopping $3.2 billion last year. The American supermodel was invited to Harvard Business School to talk about the success of her cloth-wear brand. According to sources, Kim K allegedly gave a 2-hour lecture about the success of her brand along with the co-founder of SKIMS, Jens Grede. Although some students appreciated her for her 2-hour lecture, the majority of students and Twitter users blasted her for giving such a long lecture.

Kim Kardashian at Harvard business school
Kim K at Harvard business school
Source: NBC Boston

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Twitter users slammed Harvard for inviting the American socialite as a guest lecturer

The news of Kim K giving a guest lecture at Harvard was not taken well by the internet. Twitter users absolutely slammed the Boston-based school for inviting Kim K and Jens Grede as guest lecturers. One user trolled the American model and said that Kim K can’t even spell Harvard. Another user trolled Harvard for its high tuition fees only to invite Kim K as a guest lecturer.

Another user explained the real reason why Kim Kardashian rose to fame. The user claimed that she was “born into wealth” and did not get rich because of her hard work.

While some other tweets just sent people into contemplation.

Kim Kardashian
Kim K

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Last week, Kim Kardashian also visited the Pelican Bay State Prison along with Tobey Maguire and Scott Budnick. According to reports, Kim Kardashian visited some 290 prisoners and allegedly talked to inmates going through solitary confinement and talked about their mental stability.

Source: Twitter

Shikhar Tiwari
Shikhar Tiwari

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