‘Ant-Man & The Wasp’ Introduced ‘Fantastic Four’?

It seems like the Ant-Man franchise has already paved the way for Fantastic Four in the MCU. The answer to this is pretty simple: the Quantum Realm.

The Quantum Realm is seen as a mysterious alternate dimension inspired by the works of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The realm trapped Janet van Dyne for a really long period of time before she was finally rescued, thanks to the efforts by Hank Pym and Scott Lang.

However, her time in the Quantum Realm granted her various superhuman but unstable abilities, similar to the film’s villain, Ava aka Ghost. Ava suffers from “molecular disequilibrium”, due to which her body teared apart continuously in a hellishly unending cycle. Towards the end of Ant-Man & The Wasp, Janet transferred a portion of Quantum energy into Ava, saving her life subsequently.

When Fantastic Four made their debut in comics in 1961, it was based during the time of Cold War where the four were bombarded by cosmic rays that left them altered with fantastic superhuman abilities. However, the modern comics altered their origin where the four gain their powers from “N-Zone”. The same storyline was recently adapted in 2015’s big screen reboot titled Fant4stic.

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Marvel Studios needs to use the same approach with Fantastic Four as Spider-Man in MCU, who boarded the universe in Civil War. The Quantum Realm has already been introduced in MCU and has also granted abilities to both Wasp and Ghost. The Quantum realm can be the most suitable explanation behind the four scientists gaining their abilities. Pym has already opened the door to the realm which means that it can be used by the intelligent Reed Richards in the future– that might eventually lead to the birth of Fantastic Four in MCU.

With Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in $71.3 million, its possible that we might see Fox acquired Marvel characters like X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four merging with the MCU yet.

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