‘Have To Spend More Time on Our Own Basic Needs’: Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Heming Confirms Die Hard Star Now Lives the Life of a Recluse After Aphasia Diagnosis, Far Away from Hollywood

Bruce Willis is an American actor and an absolute legend in the Hollywood industry. Having starred in over a hundred films with multiple notable roles, almost everyone has heard his name and about who the actor is. His portrayal of John Mclane in the Die-Hard Series helped him in gaining stardom as an action actor. In April, the actor’s family announced that he would be retiring from acting as he was diagnosed with Aphasia.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis was diagnosed with Aphasia Back in April

It took the whole world by surprise when the Sixth Sense actor’s family released a statement on Instagram that said he would be “stepping away” from acting. Aphasia is a brain damage disease that affects one’s cognitive abilities also including speech and writing.  The statement was signed by Willis’s wife, Emma Heming, his ex-wife Demi Moore and all five of his children.

Bruce Willis with his family
Bruce Willis with his family

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The Pulp Fiction actor has given up on all acting, traveling, press conferences, and interviews. He lives with his family far away from the spotlight and the media world.

Bruce Willis’ life Away from Hollywood

Bruce Willis now lives with his wife Emma Heming and their 2 daughters, Mabel 10, and Evelyn Penn 8. Although, the star keeps his life off social media. We get to see glimpses of his life through Heming’s Instagram. Recently, the star was spotted trying to dance with his daughter Mabel and it was quite a hilarious scene as he failed miserably at it. In another incident, the couple was planting flowers together at their house and giving off a pretty wholesome vibe.

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Bruce Willis dancing with his daughter Source: Instagram
Bruce Willis dancing with his daughter
Source: Instagram

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Emma Heming Willis spent too much time looking after her family and neglected her own needs for a while in May. In an interview with The Bump, she said “I struggle with making the time for self-care every day. I put my family’s needs above my own, which I found does not make me any kind of hero.” She further said, “We have to spend more time on our own basic needs.

Almost about a month ago, Bruce Willis visited the Fox Tower in California aka The Nakatomi Plaza, the filming location of the iconic Die Hard film on the movie’s 34th release anniversary.

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