TNBA or The New Batman Adventures is one of the best Batman stories series released in 1997 as the continuation of Batman: The Animated Series of the 1990s. 

Even though the series has a reasonably good IMDb rating, there are several episodes in the series which do not rank as high as compared to others. The disputed redesigns, reduction in “dark deco” style, and the darker tone someway or the other lead many Batman fans the wrong way. 

After a detailed analysis and a close look at this iconic series’s IMDb ratings, we have listed the best and the worst episodes of The New Batman Adventures. 

The 5 best episodes 

1.Mad Love(9.4)

Mad Love(9.4)
Mad Love ,The top-rated episode of The New Batman Adventures

Mad Love is the best of the best episodes ever, not just in the case of The New Batman Adventure but in all the seasons and episodes of Batman: The Animated Series.

It is the last episode of the series and is the highest-rated (by IMDb) episode. The episode “Mad Love” revolves around Harley Quinn,the Joker’s Girlfriend with the plot being both hysterical and heartbreaking in its manner.Harley sets trap for the Batman to prove that she is still useful and remembers how she tangled with the Joker.

2.Over The Edge(9.3)

Over The Edge(9.3)
The New Batman Adventures:Over The Edge

Over The Edge is one of the mind whirling episodes of the TNBA. The plot of this episode is about the war between Batman and Commissioner Gordan. Amidst a fight with the Scarecrow, Batgirl finds herself in a trap, and ultimately she falls to death. I won’t give you spoilers for the attack in this case, but this episode is a must-watch thing. 


3.Old Wounds(8.9)

Old Wounds(8.9)
The New Batman Adventures: Season 2, Episode 5

Old Wounds is the third top-rated episode of TNBA. The episode describes how Robin tells Batman’s new partner why Dick Grayson left the role, resulting in their team’s dissolution.Robin narrates this whole incidence to Tim Drake through Nightwing’s narrative device.

4.Judgement Day(8.7)

Judgement Day(8.7)
Batman investigates The Judge

With an IMDb rating of 8.7, Judgment Day becomes the fourth best episode of the animated series. The last episode produced of the DVD collections ends The New Batman Adventures on a high note because Two-Face is featured as the main antagonist, and the Batman investigates the judge.

5.Legends of the Dark Knight(8.5)

Legends of the Dark Knight(8.5)
The nineteenth episode of The New Batman Adventures

The 19th episode of the series, Legends of The Dark Knight, is remarkable in itself as the protagonists featured here are three minors. Three kids in Gotham city read the Gotham’s Gazette latest report, and their views about The Dark Knight are entirely contrasting.

The five worst episodes of The New Batman Adventures as per the IMDb ratings
The New Batman Adventures

According to the IMDb ratings, the list of the five worst episodes of TNBA includes:


Critters (5.8)
The worst episode of The New Batman Adventures (as per the IMDb ratings)

The animation of the episode does not meet the expectations, and during acute fight sequences, the characters go slightly off-model.


2.Animal Act(6.9)

Animal Act(6.9)
Second Worst episode of TNBA with an IMDb rating of 6.9

Animal Act, as the name suggests, is an episode involving animals who commit crimes. Batman, Robin, and Nightwing investigate a theft committed by a Gorilla, and it has a hitch to Haly’s Circus, the former home of Dick Grayson.

3.The Ultimate Thrill(6.9) 

The Ultimate Thrill(6.9)
The most sexually charged episode of The New Batman Adventures

The episode is known only for being sexually charged; otherwise, it is tedious. The least used villain of all batman stories, Roxy Rocket, is in the scene. Besides Lock-Up, Roxy Rocket is the other cast-off villain.

4.The Demon Within (6.9)

The Demon Within (6.9)
Etrigan’s presence but not in the expected way

Batman is assigned to stop the Witch Boy as Klarion takes hold of Etrigan.

In the DC Animated Universe, Etrigan’s possession is of fun stories, but the case is just the opposite in this case. The episode fails to meet the lofty expectations of the fans.

5.Love is a Croc(7.0) 

Love is a Croc(7.0)
Baby Doll’s misassumption

Love is a Croc is a swear skip. The sequel of TNBA’s one of the most undervalued episodes, “Baby Doll,” is mediocre at the next level. Baby Doll confuses Killer Croc as a kindred spirit and sets him free, but she doubts her judgment later on.

Do drop in your comments on what would be your pick on the best and worst episodes!

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