Hawkeye Director Reveals Why The Series Is Set During Christmas

Rhys Thomas, who has helmed the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+ has finally opened up why the MCU series is based around Christmas. Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner will be seen returning as the titular character as he takes his children to New York on a Christmas vacation after the events of Endgame. However, enemies from his past as Ronin start coming after him, Clint turns to Hawkeye fan Kate Bishop to take them out and get back on time to spend time with his family.

Hawkeye is just a week away from its debut

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye
Kate Bishop and Hawkeye

Apart from Jeremy Renner, the Hawkeye cast will introduce multiple faces to the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld, Echo played by Alaqua Cox, and Brian d’Arcy James. Hawkeye will also see some old characters returning like Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova from Black Widow and Linda Cardellini as Clint Barton. Yelena is after Barton as she is told by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine that Barton is responsible for Natasha’s death. Currently, Hawkeye is set for a two-episode premiere on Disney+.

As the show inches closer to its premiere, director Rhys Thomas appeared in an interview with The Wrap, explaining the Christmas setting of the series. He revealed that it’s primarily based on Matt Fraction’s 2013 comic based on the character.

Here’s what Thomas revealed:

“The Christmas thing? It predates me. The [Matt] Fraction run has a little bit of that there. It was like this organic thing. I don’t know if it was released-oriented or what, but the six days before Christmas run up was like an early hook. It felt like a great way of heightening the stakes, and also it felt very grounded to our human character. [Fraction] was like a spiritual guide. I mean, honestly, there’s so much there in the run already. It was sort of understanding it and tonally kind of getting on the same page. I emailed with him and he shared playlists with me.”

Rhys Thomas
Rhys Thomas

Amidst its Christmas setting to Lucky the Pizza Dog and Kate Bishop, it’s quite evident that the series is based on the comics, and also the development of Barton turning deaf is also some of the reader’s favorite source material elements which have been masterfully developed by head writer Jonathan Igla. The logo used is also very identical to that used in the comics and recent Hawkeye posters also feature multiple targets with a white background just like the source.

Here’s the official trailer:

While many comic book and Fraction’s Hawkeye fans will be thrilled for the series, the wait for the series is just a few days away as it will premiere on Disney+ on 24th November.

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