Hawkeye Episode 4 Confirmed Who The Vintage Rolex (Avengers Compound) Belongs To

The very first episode of Marvel’s Hawkeye highlighted a heist by the Tracksuit Mafia that happened during a black-market auction. While most of its attention was given to the Ronin suit and the sword, some of it was diverted towards a vintage watch. The watch was recovered from the Avengers Compound’s wreckage. It led many fans to develop theories around the watch, out of which the most prominent one was its relation with Tony Stark.

Does the Watch Have A Connection To Tony Stark?

Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, was famously known for creating high technology devices and perhaps advanced techs hidden in usual kinds of stuff like eyeglasses. If the watch did have some relation with Tony Stark, its implications would have been operational and not numb. There’s one more theory that claimed that it got something to do emotionally with Tony’s death from Avengers: Endgame. However, the fourth episode of Hawkeye echoed loud that the vintage Rolex watch has no connection with Tony Stark. In fact, it does belong to someone from the Barton family.

The vintage Rolex watch
The vintage Rolex watch

The “Guy In The Chair”

When Clint came to know that he is not going to return to his vacation even after spending four days doing a mission, he texted his wife, Laura. He asked her whether or not she could run the Sloan LTD tests for him. This highlighted something unique about Barton and his wife’s relationship. With that said, Laura wasn’t just Clint’s wife and a mother to three kids, but in fact, she was Hawkeye’s “guy in the chair.” Within a few minutes, Laura discovered that Sloan Limited is a money-laundering firm led by Jack Duquesne. They do it for the “big guy” who is famously referred to as Kingpin.

Laura Barton and Clint Barton in Hawkeye
Laura Barton and Clint Barton in Hawkeye

Clint Barton thought that the Rolex watch is purely destroyed but that is exactly when Laura reminds him of the time he thought somewhat similar for his “fancy suit.” With that being said, Laura tells Barton that she will run some transmitter signals of the watch that proves it is not any techy device of Tony Stark but a normal watch. However, when Laura examines it, she finds a tracker in the watch. Thus, whoever wanted to get the watch is now tracking Clint or maybe Ronin.

Who Owns The Vintage Rolex Watch?

When Clint and Laura thrives to get some more information about the watch’s owner, Laura texts him the watch’s location and it was 3715 Godfrey Road. Later, Clint echoes that the vintage Rolex watch belongs to someone he used to work with. Clearly, it wasn’t Tony Stark but someone from Barton’s family. In fact, Kate also discovers a paper with Clint’s family details and each member’s age written on it. With that being said, this apartment belongs to Echo who once had a fight with Kate and Clint with the help of Natasha Romanoff. While it should have been a no big deal, the way Laura and Clint reacted to this echoed loud that there is somewhat a bigger liability behind this.

Marvel’s Hawkeye is streaming on Disney+
Marvel’s Hawkeye is streaming on Disney+

It is still a mystery that whether or not it was Clint Barton in the suit when Echo’s father was getting assassinated by Ronin. However, if the Rolex is going to implicate him, it will be Laura who’s going to get blown this time. This makes sense because Echo got Hawkeye in a position where he was about to kill him in Hawkeye’s episode 2.

Well, to see Clint and Kate discovering more about the watch, we all have to wait for Hawkeye’s next episode. With that said, Marvel’s Hawkeye is streaming on Disney+.

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