Hawkeye Foreshadowed The Young Avengers’ Stark Replacement-Theory Explained

For the Young Avengers, Jack Duquesne would be an obvious option to play Tony Stark:

Jack Duquesne as Tony Stark For The Young Avengers
For the Young Avengers, Jack Duquesne would be an obvious option to play Tony Stark

Despite his character’s misgivings for the duration of Hawkeye, Jack Duquesne would be a reasonable contender to assume Tony Stark’s role for the Young Avengers. In Marvel Comics, the Young Avengers are a group of predominantly young superheroes who all have ties to senior members of the Avengers. Throughout Phase 4, the MCU has gradually introduced team members like Cassie Lang, Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Elijah Bradley, and Kid Loki. While most of these characters have had small roles in the MCU thus far, Kate Bishop, a vital member of the Young Avengers, takes on a big part in Hawkeye with Clint Barton. Her bond with the rich Jack Dusquesne may become crucial to supporting any future Young Avengers project as her narrative continues. Tensions between Jack and Kate Bishop swiftly flared at the start of Hawkeye when Kate discovered that Jack had been engaged to her mother, Eleanor Bishop, without her knowledge. These tensions were heightened when Kate suspected Jack of being involved in underground criminal activities and being responsible for the death of his uncle, Armand Duquesne III. Hawkeye season 1, episode 6, “So This Is Christmas?” revealed that this was a red herring, with Eleanor framing Jack. During the Battle of Rockefeller Center, Jack even utilized his swordsman abilities to assist Kate defend herself against the Tracksuit Mafia. While Jack may not fight directly again, he might still play a significant role in the MCU as the Young Avengers’ future funder.

The Young Avengers, like the original Avengers, will require a financial backer to become a viable team. As a result, Jack Duquesne will enter the picture:

A Still Of Jack Duquesne Played By Tony Dalton
A Still Of Tony Dalton’s Jack Duquesne

The Young Avengers, like the original Avengers, will require a financial backer to become a viable team. Tony Stark played this role for the Avengers, and one Reddit user suggested that Jack could do the same for the Young Avengers, even if he couldn’t be a superhero like Iron Man. Given that Jack still cared about Kate at the conclusion of Hawkeye, even calling her “sweetie” after Eleanor got him jailed, he may be prepared to back her future heroic endeavors. Furthermore, because of his riches and willingness to promote justice, he is a feasible candidate for funding the Young Avengers. One reason Jack would be an excellent choice to fund the Young Avengers is that he is wealthy enough to do it. Jack never had to work on his own because he was born into an affluent family. Instead, he concentrated on socializing and honing his swordsmanship. As a result, Jack has a lot of additional money to invest in forming a new superhero team.

During the Hawkeye finale, Jack showed a deep passion to uphold justice:

Jack showed a deep passion to uphold justice
Jack showed a deep passion to uphold justice in the end of Hawkeye

Moreover, during the Hawkeye finale, Jack showed a tremendous passion for promoting justice. Despite the risk, Jack eagerly seized the chance to confront the Tracksuit Mafia, assaulting them with his sword. However, Kate was concerned about Jack’s over-eagerness, and he grumbled after the combat about putting blood on his tie. Jack might bankroll the Young Avengers, functioning as Stark’s substitute, to continue promoting justice after Hawkeye without having to fight directly. While he may lack the innovative talent that made the original Avengers invaluable, Jack may be the ideal choice for the rising younger squad.

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