Hawkeye: How The Finale Sets Up The Echo Spinoff Series

The finale of Hawkeye, Season 1 was successful in setting up its spinoff series called Echo, starring Alaqua Cox, by having her confront Kazi and Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, who were responsible for her mother’s death. The finale also featured various showdowns that concluded the story arcs for Clint Barton, Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, and Eleanor Bishop, and the lack of a post-credits scene means all of the setups for Echo take place in the finale itself. This eventually worked out for the best, as fans will love to see what happens to Maya Lopez next in the MCU.

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld
Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld

“So This Is Christmas?” featured a lot of Kingpin/Vincent D’onofrio, who originally made his debut on Marvel’s Daredevil show on Netflix. When Ronin and Echo fought prior, Ronin revealed his identity to Maya Lopez, while revealing to her that Kingpin is behind the hit that took her father. Echo believed Clint as she goes to Kazi and Kingpin to tell them that she was finishing her search for Ronin. However, this was all a ploy, as Kazi and Kingpin, both, could see through her deception. Echo packs her belongings to leave the city but decides to stay and take the fight to Kingpin. While Kate and Clint fought the Yelena Belova, Tracksuit Mafia, and Kingpin, Echo had one last confrontation with Kazi.

Echo will premiere on Disney+ soon
Echo will premiere on Disney+ soon

She asks Kazi to run away with her, telling him how much they cared for one another. However, Kazi couldn’t take Echo up on her offer, saying that he couldn’t play the role of a gangster and boyfriend. Kazi leaves Echo with no choice but to kill him, setting up a one-on-one with Wilson Fisk. Kingpin claimed to love Maya, but he has a weird way of showing it. Before the end of the episode, Echo takes a handgun, holds it up to Kingpin, pulling the trigger. Obviously, viewers only hear the gunshot and didn’t see the aftermath of what actually happened to Kingpin, which also leads to the speculation if he survived the attack at all.

Is Wilson Fisk Dead?

Vincent D'onofrio as Kingpin
Vincent D’onofrio as Kingpin

“We’re family,” Fisk said while staring down the barrel of Maya’s gun. “Sometimes family doesn’t see eye to eye.” The scene is almost similar to the Echo/Kingpin showdown from the pages of Marvel comics. Daredevil (Vol. 2) #15 showcases Echo shooting Kingpin in the head. However, he survived the attack but lost his vision. As Marvel Studios went through a lot of trouble in bringing Vincent D’Onofrio to play Kingpin once again, we cannot see this as a one-off appearance. We believe that Kingpin more than likely survived Echo’s attack, leading to an appearance in the Echo Disney+ series.

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