HBO Max Releasing Subscription Based New Weekly Series

Want to sit down and binge a whole TV season at once? Or, would you want to just look at a new episode a week in old fashion? It looks as though Warner Bros. is banking on those who would like HBO Max streaming service. It was revealed today it is going to release new episodes daily rather than seasonally, like Netflix and Amazon. The HBO Max announcement comes just days before the launch of two other subscription services: Apple TV+ (on Friday, Nov. 1) and Disney+ (on Tuesday, Nov. 12). NBCUniversal’s streaming service, which is set to bow in April 2020. WarnerMedia’s HBO Max start date has been revealed. WarnerMedia Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt announced on Tuesday that it was initially confirmed for its Spring 2020 release and will make its first streaming service in May.

Streaming Service Guide

Streaming Service Guide
HBO Max New Series

HBO Max has at least 16 scripted series, including new Gossip Girl, Adventure Time and the Kaley Cuoco Flight Attendant, at different stages of its development. This original series will release new episodes every week instead of simultaneously. The service costs $14.99 a month, which is more than $12.99 a month for a Netflix standard plan. The HBO Max is available immediately for existing HBO subscribers via AT&T and DirecTV, as well as for HBO Now subscribers, for no extra charge. In addition, an HBO Max (price TBD) sponsored advertising version will be released in 2021 as well. The company did not say whether it would have an annual subscription rate.

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HBO Max to Release New Shows on Weekly Basis
Launching on May 2020

The new weekly format for episodes is a fascinating one for the brand’s new collection but it certainly isn’t entirely distinguishing. HBO Max hopes to create its own part of this streaming panorama with several major comedy purchasing and a multitude of IPs for authentic applications. Will HBO Max go the right way? Or is that something special for their shows, a weekly event? Personally, I prefer this–shows produced once a week often avoid streaming series pitfalls that can spin the wheels a little too often.

All of HBO

All of HBO
HBO Max Streaming Friends

Enjoy years of experience with every episode of your favorite HBO series like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Joker, Casablanca, Happy Feet, The West Wing and lots more.

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