HBO’s Watchmen reveals the future of Batman in new episode

Watchmen’s universe has always showed some form of hostility towards the costumed heroes. This week’s episode of Watchmen focused on revealing what the future for the active vigilantes, especially one who seems to resemble Batman. 

“Batman” Scene In Watchmen 

"Batman" Scene In Watchmen 
Watchmen is loosely based on the comic series of the same name

The opening scene gives off the impression of a bank robbery – almost inspired by the scene in the Dark Knight – until Batman comes in to save the day. However, it is revealed that the bank robbery was an elaborate trap laid out by the FBI to catch the caped crusader. Prior to that, the masked crusader had valiantly fought with a combination of martial arts and taser guns. The vigilante even adopted a deeper voice that seemed to resemble Batman’s as well. 

Catching the caped vigilante 

Catching the caped vigilante
Watchmen airs on Sundays at 9pm on HBO

The criminals that were previously defeated were defeated to be FBI agents, dressed in body armor so that they wouldn’t be harmed by any stray bullets. The vigilante’s attempt at escape is foiled. When Laurie, one of the undercover agents who posed as the robber, shoots the masked vigilante in the back. His body armor saved him, however, the man still ended up falling through the bank’s glass doors. 

Resemblance To Batman

Resemblance To Batman
The series was developed by Damon Lindelof for HBO

The bank scene, along with the caped costume essentially serves as a possible portrayal of what would happen to the actual Batman in this universe. There were striking similarities with how the bank scene was eerily similar to the opening scene of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Along with the vigilante’s voice modification to resemble Batman’s, it’s a very obvious sign. Once the vigilante was caught, he was heard swearing in a voice of higher pitch. It was highly different from the deep voice used before. Speaking about the masked vigilante, the FBI agents dismissed him as just ‘another rich asshole’. Which is again, a resemblance to Bruce Wayne. 


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Source: Cbr, Comicbook

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