“He cares about everyone around him”: Tom Cruise Vindicated by Penelope Cruz, Revealed Top Gun Star’s Gentler Side Amidst Intense Media Scrutiny For Being Too Controlling

Now that Tom Cruise is all over the internet scene with his 2022 hit comeback Top Gun: Maverick, there is more to his dating life for those who wanna know. Before he met his ex-wife Katie Holmes, he had been with another woman. And it was none other than his Vanilla Sky co-star Penelope Cruz. The two had dated publicly for two years before calling it quits in 2004. Their breakup sparked the rumor that it might have been a consequence of Cruise’s involvement with the church of Scientology. However, his co-star was quick to come to his defense.

Penelope Cruz Shows Her Support to Ex-Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

Following his split with Penelope Cruz in 2004, Tom Cruise and his association with Scientology was marked as one of the factors behind the breakup. Although the two reportedly parted ways on amicable terms, it did not stop such rumors from surfacing. And even though the Mission Impossible actor’s reps said otherwise, a 2012 piece in Vanity Fair revealed that the church ran a problem with Cruise as his then-girlfriend was not able to be influenced.

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Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

And it was said to be due to her Buddhist beliefs. But this was contradicted by what Cruz said in the past about respecting Scientology and what it taught. She even expressed her love for the Cruise after backing up by saying,

He cares about everyone that is around him.”

So it is kind of clear from both the former couple’s words that the split did not have any big issues. And the pair even had dinner night together along with Salma Hayek in 2015.

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More on Their Relationship

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise’s relationship or romance started only after the completion of filming Vanilla Sky. During the filming Cruise had still been married to Nicole Kidman. To clear things up further, the Blow star even shared she never fell for someone romantically while working. And that it was always afterward. And therefore same with Cruise. But their sweet relationship came to an end unfortunately 2004. Following that, Cruz had only nice things to say about her ex-boyfriend saying,

Tom is a very good man, and I am close to his whole family, his children.”

They have maintained a good friendly relationship since then. After that, the Top Gun star moved on with now ex-wife Karie Holmes with whom he had a daughter. And as for Cruz, she went on to marry Javier Bardem (Spanish actor). She shares two kids with him.

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