“He deserved that slap”: Chris Rock Loses Ardent Followers After Controversial Nicole Brown Simpson Murder Joke For Being Asked To Host Oscars Again, Fans Say Will Smith Did Nothing Wrong

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony, which took place on March 27, 2022, was contentious. At the core of what ended up being a huge highlight of the evening and a few months following that, were Will Smith and Chris Rock. The highly regarded award presentation was being hosted on stage by American comedian.

He had cracked jokes with a few famous people who were sitting in the front row and Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith was one of them. Despite being a jest, the comedian’s comment did not appear to be well received by the Aladdin actor. Midway through the performance, Will Smith walked up to the stage and gave the comedian a slap in the face. A recent performance by the comedian brought back the incident of the awards.

Chris Rock rejects the offer to host Oscar 2023

Comedian Chris Rock
Comedian Chris Rock

Comedian Chris Rock said on Sunday that he had received the chance to host the 2023 Oscars during a performance at the Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The comedian told the audience that he had turned down the offer. During this announcement, he equated returning to the Oscars to returning to a crime scene. The comedian has also turned down the opportunity to appear in a Super Bowl advertisement recently.

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Chris Rock’s recent controversial joke

Chris Rock
Chris Rock

Over a joke he made equating his potential comeback to The Oscars with Nicole Brown Simpson’s brutal murder, Chris Rock has the internet in an uproar. He reportedly informed the audience during a performance on Sunday in Phoenix that asking him to host the Oscars in 2023 would be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson to return to the restaurant where she dined before she was savagely murdered in 1994. Rock has been under fire since then. He has been called out for allegedly being misogynistic and making jokes about women on social media which was similar to the backlash he received for the Jada Pinkett joke.

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Fans got enraged by the comedian’s performance

The Slap Incident
Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at Oscar award ceremony

With the recent controversial joke that the comedian made with regard to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, the internet has been actively criticizing him. Twitter has been trending with all sorts of tweets being made against the comedian. People on social media even think Will Smith should have slapped Chris Rock more aggressively. “I love how Chris Rock continues to prove how that slap was warranted! Will Smith wasn’t wrong at all.” a fan had tweeted regarding the incident.

Some have even asked that Will Smith be provided an apology for all the backlash the actor got for slapping the comedian, which he definitely deserved. Another fan tweeted, “Chris Rock’s cringy Nicole Brown Simpson joke makes me feel like Will Smith needs to be un-disinvited to the Oscars and issued an abject apology.” The comedian is being called out as a misogynistic person and his jokes are not funny but are insulting as they go too far.

Whether Chris Rock has pushed the envelope with his latest joke depends on the audience. While some might agree that it does come under the category of dark humor, others are equally apprehensive about how much is too much. However, physically assaulting a comedian for a harmless joke was definitely wrong on Will Smith’s part, no matter what fans have to say.

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Source: TMZ

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