“He didn’t have to get into character. He was just funny”: Chris Rock Acknowledged Late Comedian Legend Chris Farley Would’ve Conquered Hollywood if He Were Alive Today

Comedians are cherished globally for their humor and passion for making people laugh. However, at times they personally fail to find happiness in their lives and thus turn towards addictions. While failing to overcome their addictions few people even lose their lives from overdose. One such tragic case of losing a life over addiction was witnessed in the late 90s when comedian, Chris Farley, died from a speedball overdose. Chris Rock, a good friend of Farley seems to recall the comedian’s memory. 

Chris Rock
Chris Rock recalls Chris Farley’s memories

Supporting his fellow comedian and good friend, Chris Farley, Chris Rock spoke purposefully about his “unhateable” personality. Appearing in the Fly on the Wall podcast, Rock along with David Spade and Dana Carvey discussed diligently about Chris Farley. 

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Chris Rock Recalled Chris Farley’s Passion For Comedy

Chris Farley popularly known for his Chippendales sketch for SNL had a tragic demise in 1997. Suffering from drug addiction, he was among the unfortunate people who lost their lives. As per toxicity reports released after the comedian’s death, Farley overdosed on a speedball, a mixture of cocaine and meth. Recalling his death, during the Fly on the Wall podcast, Chris Rock a good friend of the late comedian spoke diligently about him. 

Chris Rock
Chris Rock with Chris Farley

Recalling Farley’s natural way of delivering his sketches, Rock stated, “He had a way of stepping into funny – like it was just on his shoe, he didn’t know how he got there.” Further, Rock described the late comedian, “as having ‘a warmth to him’ and that he was ‘unhateable’”. Along with other members of the podcast, the Down to Earth actor took the opportunity to speak about his friend. 

“He’s just always himself, you know what I mean. In a good way…he didn’t have to really, you know, get into character or anything. He was just funny….and you just bought he was whoever he was playing.” Chris Rock stated. 

Chris Farley’s unfortunate demise at 33, was inevitable due to his growing addiction. Despite the aura he carried and the fun he brought to the room, the former SNL comedian is no longer. The New Jack City actor being a good friend to Farley somehow anticipated his end. 

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Chris Rock Presumed Chris Farley’s Demise

Discussing the innumerable possibilities Chris Farley would have if he were alive, the actor and comedian stated about presuming Farley’s death. “Wow, what would that guy have done?” podcast hosts discussed among themselves. Leaving this world on December 1997, due to a drug overdose, Rock met Chris Farley for the last time. 

Chris Rock
Chris Rock’s last meeting with Chris Farley

Sadly the comedian had been struggling with addiction, however, even more, sad for Rock, since he visited Farley’s apartment before he died. Chris Rock mentioned having this feeling where he presumed his friend’s death prior to the incident. Somehow the Spiral actor’s gut feeling didn’t lie. 

“I remember I was at his apartment. He was showing me his apartment. I leave, I see him out the window, and I was like, ‘That’s probably the last time I’m going to see him.’ I knew.” Chris Rock mentioned 

Chris Farley’s heartbreaking death was a result of his struggling with his insecurities regarding his weight. Being depressed and trying to find a silver lining in his life, the comedian started getting addicted to drugs, ultimately losing his life and career over it. 

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