‘He drugged me before having sex’: Ellen Barkin Comes Out To Support Amber Heard, Claims Johnny Depp Was ‘Real Charming’ With History of Violence and Alcoholism

American actress and producer, Ellen Barkin, shared her traumatic experience in court during Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial. Recently, more than 6,000 pages of court documents from Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal battle were unsealed and some of it was posted on Twitter. The documents revealed that Ellen Barkin shared during the trial that Johnny Depp gave her a quaalude (sedative and hypnotic medication) the first time they had sex.

Ellen Barkin testified as a witness in the defamation case

Ellen Barkin
Ellen Barkin talked about her relationship with the actor

The unsealed documents revealed that Ellen Barkin explained in court how the first time that she had sex with Johnny Depp when they were dating in the 90s, he gave her a Quaalude. She said, “He asked me if I wanted to f**k him.” The actress also shared a lot of incidents accusing Johnny Depp of being ‘controlling’. She also explained that their relationship went from ‘purely platonic friendship to romantic’.

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Ellen Barkin Confirms Johnny Depp’s Alcoholism and Aggressive Nature

Ellen Barkin and Johnny Depp
Ellen Barkin called him a “yeller”.

According to the leaked document, Ellen Barkin told Amber Heard’s lawyers that she and Johnny Depp met around 1990 and became friends initially. The two were close for nearly a decade but suddenly went their separate ways after the actor allegedly threw a bottle of wine at her in a hotel room. She also claimed that the actor was always drinking or smoking a joint and she saw him using cocaine, marijuana, and hallucinogenic drugs, she said, “He was drunk all the, most, a lot of the time.

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Ellen Barkin also claimed that Johnny Depp used to yell at his assistant

Ellen Barkin
Ellen Barkin also revealed that Depp used to yell at his assistant

As per the document, she also claimed that she witnessed the Pirates of the Caribbean star address one of his assistants as “Pig.” Ellen Barkin said she wasn’t surprised when Johnny Depp threw a bottle at her as ‘there was always an air of violence around him’. She called him a “yeller” and “verbally abusive,” and recalled that there was always.

Source: DailyMail UK

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