“He F ***NG RIPPED HIS PANTS in front of her”: Harry Styles Embarrasses Himself Infront of His Crush Jennifer Aniston With a Disastrous Wardrobe Malfunction

Oh no! This is undoubtedly one of Harry Edward Styles’ most hilarious moments of his life. The British musician recently experienced a memorable evening at the Kia Forum in California – an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. But that’s not enough! Jennifer Aniston, his first love interest, was watching all of this while seated in a front-row seat with a view. Poor Styles!

The 53-year-old FRIENDS star was present at the 28-year-old singer’s Los Angeles concert on January 26 when his pants split down the middle of his concert, according to sources.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

The Watermelon Sugar singer fell to his knees while singing his hit song, Music For A Sushi Restaurant, which peaked at number 4 on the ARIA Singles Chart, when a large hole had suddenly appeared around his crotch. All this happened so suddenly that he didn’t get time to react. He simply just couldn’t stop laughing and maintaining a slight expression of exasperation while looking down. 

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When Harry Styles ripped his pants in front of his first ‘celeb crush’

Harry Styles was singing his popular song Music for a Sushi Restaurant when the awkward incident occurred on January 26 in Inglewood, California. He dropped to his knees in the middle of his performance, splitting his pants, which was a weird wardrobe mishap. The Sign of the Times singer quickly signaled his understanding of the bizarre situation by feigning shock at the audience and giving his bandmates a playful eye-roll.

The Golden singer continued the performance with a towel covering the damage rather than letting the error ruin the performance. In the midst of all this, Jennifer Aniston was in attendance at the concert and she just so happened to be enjoying this onstage debacle. Additionally, others present at the concert were Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

This couldn’t stop his fans and followers, who didn’t take much time to react. They flocked to Twitter right away to make fun of the famous singer. One fan joked,

“If I were Harry, just thinking about ripping my pants in front of Jennifer Aniston would send me into early retirement.”

Another person chimed,

He F ***NG RIPPED HIS PANTS in front of her. Jennifer Aniston is in the audience tonight,” referring to Story of My Life singer’s first-ever celebrity crush.

The Late Night Talking singer’s malfunction incident quickly went viral on social media, prompting fans to recall his earlier confession that the Office Space actress was his very first crush.    

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Jennifer Aniston seemed to be enjoying the show!

Although it might have been Harry Styles’ embarrassing moment, he won’t soon forget it. While this was happening, Jennifer Aniston appeared to be enjoying the concert. The Morning Show star wasn’t the only famous person to attend his concert. There were Trevor Noah, Kylie Jenner, and Ellen DeGeneres also seen in attendance.

Currently, the singer is in the middle of his Love on Tour performances, which began in 2021. The tour’s conclusion will take place in July in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Jennifer Aniston broke her silence over her nipples showing
Jennifer Aniston

Just a few days prior to the concert, on January 24, the singer was seen spending time with Ellis Calcutt, his rumored high school lover. Even though the two have a romantic history, it seems like the outing was only on friendly terms. Both were spotted together following Styles’ breakup of a nearly two-year relationship with Olivia Wilde.

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According to the insider, the ex-couple is still friends despite their split.

Source: Twitter and NDTV News

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