“He found that tacky”: Pete Davidson Wasn’t Happy With Kris Jenner After He Was Forced to Be a Part of a Staged Engagement With Kim Kardashian on the Kardashians

American socialite Kim Kardashian ended the romantic relationship with her young boyfriend Pete Davidson after dating him for less than a year. She is a part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who met the comedian for the first time on Saturday Night Live gathering the attention of the media. While their whole relationship created a storm of publicity with the involvement of the socialite’s ex-husband Kanye West who gave too much attention to his ex-wife’s boyfriend, new reports have unveiled a new character in their relationship which eventually ended earlier this month.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson
American Ex-couple Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

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The ex-couple broke up due to their physical distance and busy schedules with many thinking that the fashion mogul was fond of the comedian. While their sources have already claimed that they would maintain their friendship as their initial spark has faded from the relationship which is one of the reasons for their separation.

Kim Kardashian’s Mother Kris Jenner Pressurized Pete Davidson To Propose Her Daughter

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian
Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

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After the publicized breakup of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, many are unveiling new reasons for their breakup with a source of Heat Magazine recently sharing one of the reasons behind their separation. According to the outlet’s sources, Kardashian-Jenner clan momager Kris Jenner has been putting quite pressure on the comedian to propose to her daughter.

The source stated, “Kris had picked out a ring and wanted to stage this Kourtney and Travis-style engagement for the show. He found that tacky and kept kicking the idea into the long grass, which Kim and Kris took to mean he was stalling on the engagement.”

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While not many are voicing their opinions on the publicized breakup, Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West had openly shared his thoughts on Instagram by posting a fake issue of the New York Times entitled, “Skete Davidson dead at 28.”

Kim Kardashian Was Controlling Pete Davidson During Their Relationship

Kim Kardashian
Fashion Mogul Kim Kardashian

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While many witnessed the sweet moments of the ex-couple where the SKIMS founder showed her love for the comedian, the sources are giving a different scenario. According to the outlet, the 41-year-old star was obsessed with her image and wanted to maintain it even if it would mean managing her then-boyfriend.

According to the sources, the makeup mogul was “constantly micro-managing him, even telling him what he was allowed to wear – she insisted he only is seen in brands that were affiliated with her family deals.”

Though with the sources informing the situation, momager Jenner and daughter Kardashian wanted to have their influence on the comedian wanting him to do what he was told to. While the ex-couple has decided to become good friends while the business mogul would focus more on her kids and career.

Source: Heat Magazine

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