‘He hopes she knows he’ll still be there for her’: Pete Davidson Still Not Over Kim Kardashian, Reportedly Offers His Shoulder ‘As a Friend’ for Her to Cry on After Kanye’s Online Rants

Kim Kardashian and her relationship shenanigans circulate on the internet daily, keeping the netizens guessing what might happen next. As she broke up with Pete Davidson and reportedly got close to her ex-husband Kanye West, it seems like the SNL comedian is not over the Kardashian star. With Kanye West dissing the Kardashian family through his social media posts, a new report reveals that Pete Davidson is ready to support his ex-girlfriend “as a friend” if she needs him. 

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Is Pete Davidson not really over Kim Kardashian?

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

The Saturday Night Live alum feels bad for his ex-girlfriend as the rapper is attacking her family on the internet. According to a report by Hollywood Life, Pete Davidson feels “relieved” that the American Rapper is not dissing or targeting him anymore on social. But he feels “awful” for Kim Kardashian as she has become “the main target of his online assaults”. 

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Pete Davidson is ready to be a shoulder for his ex-girlfriend

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Later the source added more about Pete Davidson on how he is ready to be with Kim Kardashian even after their breakup. The source told that he is ready to lend his shoulder to cry upon and later elaborated, 

“When they were together, Kim relied a lot on Pete to be there and support her every time Kanye would go on these rants.” 

Pete Davidson knows that Kim Kardashian has everyone in her life, the source added. 

“He knows she has a ton of loved ones around right now, but he hopes that she knows he’ll still be there for her if she ever needs a friend to be there and listen.”

Why did Kanye West diss The Kardashians?

Kanye West
Kanye West

The American rapper started dissing The Kardashians family over disagreements on whether his and Kim Kardashian’s children should go to school. Kanye West targeted Momager Kris Jenner and also posted a screenshot of their chats on social media. On getting the backlash from her son-in-law, Kris Jenner replied that she wanted to help him and opted not to reply as it would escalate the situation. 

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As the upcoming season of the Kardashians’ real-life drama is about to premiere, one can just wonder what will happen next! The new season of The Kardashians is slated to premiere on 22 September on Hulu.

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Source: Hollywood Life

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