“He intimidated the sh-t out of me”: Paris Hilton Reveals Ex-President Donald Trump Threatened Her to Set Record Straight About Voting for Him

The public viewed Paris Hilton and Donald Trump in the somewhat same light when it comes to attention-grabbing antics and the impulsive need to make headlines with every word they utter. Both of them are controversial American television personalities. In addition to that they both have been very old family friends, Trump also owned the modeling agency Hilton was first signed to therefore they go way back.

So naturally, when Donald Trump was running for President, she felt pressured to vote for him and pretended to do so because she didn’t have enough courage to speak against him. Hilton is a new mother and is a changed human being, in her memoir, Paris: The Memoir the socialite explains a lot of her actions throughout her life and reveals a lot of unsaid things.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton comes out and admits she pretended to vote for Trump

Paris Hilton has admitted to a lot of things in her new memoir, Paris: The Memoir. One of which was her voting history. Since Trump’s relationship with the Hilton family seemed so strong people naturally wanted to know if she would vote for The Apprentice star. Paris Hilton then proceeded to pretend as if she did vote for the most “meme-d about” president in history.

She recalled her decision was based on an incident when Donald Trump intermediate her. When the model, decided to change her modeling agency, Trump was furious. Hilton wrote in her book,

“When I left to go to another agency, he was furious and intimidated the s— out of me on the phone,”

Paris Hilton and Donald Trump
Paris Hilton and Donald Trump

To not deal with that again, she decided it would be better for all if she does what she did back then. In reality, she did not vote at all which was way worse according to her opinion. She then further added,

 “Am I standing by these choices? Would I make the same choices again, knowing what I know now? Of course not! None of that reflects the person I am now.”

Once in for all, she now had the courage to set the record straight as she has grown up as a person now and knows better. She now hopes to be a good mother to her child.

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Paris Hilton now

Since the early noughties, Paris Hilton has grown a lot. She is no longer a 20-year-old and is now taking accountability for all her past actions. She also calls out a lot of folks and blames them for the harm they caused her. Hilton as they as is and always will be the “OG Influencer”. Her influence in the 2000s was huge, she was a trendsetter in its truest sense. The tabloids of that era were obsessed with the troubled teen’s every move.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton welcomes baby boy through surrogacy

Being one of the elites and wild, she has had some crazy experiences in her life. Those experiences have sometimes landed her in grave trouble or sometimes not so much and ended up just being a crazy story. Therefore, to commemorate everything in one place she has come out with a memoir recently which reveals a lot of shocking things–many silly things as well as many serious topics such as her complicated relationships, abuse, trauma, and many more. She recently married Carter Reum, a venture capitalist in 2022 and welcomed a newborn in 2023 via surrogate. Hilton is now currently embracing the new things in her life leaving behind the past and she’s enjoying every moment of it.

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Source: Paris: The Memoir

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