‘He just threw everything away…she’s way better off’: Armie Hammer Officially Hits Rock Bottom, Estranged Wife Elizabeth Chambers Reveals She’s In Love With ‘New Beau’

Armand Douglas Hammer is a former American actor who is facing a lot of controversies. He has played a part in some well-received projects such as being the voice behind the Winklevoss brothers in “The Simpsons“. Even voicing Jackson Storm, the main antagonist of “Cars 3“, and being a part of a movie such as “The Lone Ranger“, “Call me by your name” and “Billion Dollar Spy“. In 2021, Armie Hammer and his family faced global criticism on the basis of speculations. The speculations were that they indulge in s*xual and cannibalistic fetishes. This led to him losing all the goodwill he earned through years of amazing work overnight. He also lost most of his ongoing projects, which resulted in him going bankrupt.

Armie Hammer is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood right now. Since the sexual abuse claims against the actor came to light, his career as an actor has ended. And now, in the Discovery+ documentary series House of Hammer, all of his family’s dark secrets are exposed for the world to witness.

Armie Hammer is trying to get back on his feet

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer

Despite these devastating circumstances, the great-grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer has not given up. He is still putting his best efforts into clearing his name and getting back on his feet. He still hasn’t lost all support as megastar Robert Downey Junior has constantly been his aide. As the 57-year-old “Iron Man” actor has been helping Armie Hammer financially as he battles his self-inflicted Hollywood exile.

Armie Hammer worked as a timeshare salesman in the Cayman Islands for a chunk of the summer. He had previously lived there as a child. He later returned with Elizabeth Chambers and their two children, Harper, 7, and Ford, 5. It now seems to be a place of seeking shelter from the media’s eyes. However, that attempt was in vain. As the former actor was recently spotted, assumingly, while on a business call on his boat.

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Elizabeth Chambers finds a new man after leaving Armie Hammer

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer
Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer

In a romantic Instagram post published on Friday, Elizabeth Chambers, the ex-wife of Armie Hammer, made her relationship with an unidentified man official. The TV anchor and journalist, 40, captioned a picture of Polaroid pictures with her seeming new love on a Cayman Islands beach with “Happy Friday” as the caption.

The attractive male, who had a sloppy man bun in the photos, wasn’t tagged by Elizabeth Chambers. She received fervent support from her well-known pals despite this for her article.

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Twitter finds relief and encourages Elizabeth Chambers

Elizabeth Chambers
Elizabeth Chambers

The ex-wife of Armie Hammer gets tons of support from her fans on Twitter. The majority of her fans sympathize with what she has had to go through. After 10 years of being married to the former actor, fans appreciate her moving on with her love life. Some fans even go on to compare the random handsome person to be a better person than her ex as a form of support.

Needless to mention that moving on is a great step in her life. As for Armie Hammer, the former actor seems to be laying low for good reason. Being hated for having a “normal job” as he attempts to become financially stable once again is something that would definitely be stressing him out. Having been through a rough past, Robert Downey Junior has valiantly stepped up to aid him as he attempts to fix his life.

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