“He owns 30 black Armani t-shirts”: Despite His $600 Million Fortune, Simon Cowell Will Always Be Cheap About His Wardrobe

Simon Cowell is a well-known English TV personality who is popular for serving as a judge on talent competitions like American Idol, The X Factor, and Pop IdolHe is infamous for his scathing critiques and insensitive, sarcastic comments on the shows. There is one more thing that he is mostly known for.

Simon Cowell is also known for not taking himself too seriously when it comes to dressing, frequently turning up to the biggest talent show finales on television in a grey t-shirt. Actually, Cowell’s resistance to dressing up has developed into a signature quality, and it makes sense why.

With an estimated net worth of $660 million, the popular TV judge continues to dress casually, prioritizing comfort over fashion. It’s a subtle lesson, but one that’s worth paying attention to.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

He’s not cheap when it comes to some things, like houses and cars. But anything related to clothing is a different story. He certainly falls into the category of wealthy men who wear a stiff, monotonous uniform. His success is unaffected by how often he is made fun of for his sense of style, as almost everything he touches turns to gold.

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Simon Cowell Has a Small Budget For His Clothes

Simon Cowell typically wears a small selection of casual clothing, showing up in nearly identical outfits in front of millions of people around the world on TV shows and in private business meetings alike.

Cowell’s wealth is estimated to be around $600 million as of March 2023. But he has a strange habit when it comes to dressing, as fans have observed over the years. He wears his preferred clothing on a regular basis. Is he really disinterested in picking out clothes?

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

According to All Women’s Talk, the former American Idol judge always wears the same t-shirt, whether it’s his signature white t-shirt, which has been slightly modified in recent years, or black occasionally. 

Even though he often appears with a blazer and a white open-necked shirt, his t-shirts are what people most often notice about him.

You would never imagine though, to look at him and how he wears them, that they are from Armani. It is reputed he owns 30 black Armani t-shirts.”

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But He Is Not Cheeping Out With This Thing!

The brand itself is the only thing that he chooses carefully. Simon Cowell isn’t cheeping out about the brand itself, at least! There are many theories as to why Cowell has maintained this traditional appearance over the years, despite having a significant net worth. He simply wears a t-shirt because he gets hot while filming his shows, according to several outlets.

While filming, he even breathes more oxygen to increase his energy. Perhaps he believes the longer or thicker shirts will cause a slight slowdown. Also, there was that strange occasion when Cowell decided to wear a different color than the traditional white t-shirt, which also caused quite a stir among his fans.

Simon Cowell talks about Harry Styles
Simon Cowell

This may have been done to flaunt his new physique, as he has shed 60 pounds.

We can probably expect to see new colors in his wardrobe, if not completely new shirts. Or maybe, just maybe, new clothing options.

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Source- All Women’s Talk

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