“He wants the same for Jennifer and nothing but the best for her”: Ben Affleck Has Moved on From Jennifer Garner, Wants Nothing But the Best for His Ex-wife

Although Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split back in 2015, the two still seem to have love and care for each other. As they share three kids and have shared joint custody over them, their friendship after the split makes it better for the three. And now that both of them have moved on from each other, they are still on amicable terms with each other’s new partners. Affleck’s new partner Jennifer Lopez whom he got back together with after almost 20 years and married last year has a good rapport with his ex-wife. Also, JLo has on various occasions shared her appreciation for Garner. And there seems to be no bitterness between the two women whatsoever.

Furthermore, recently the Argo actor was spotted having a nice and friendly discussion with Garner’s boyfriend John Miller. And reportedly, Affleck is happy with his ex-wife’s relationship with her new romantic interest.

Ben Affleck is Happy With Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner’s New Boyfriend

Jennifer Garner and John Miller
Jennifer Garner and John Miller

Seemingly, the divorce between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has not lessened their care for each other. They still gather for family events together which includes Affleck’s wife Jennifer Lopez. And instead of having bitterness or resentment, the two women get along all good. As for the Batman v Superman actor, he reportedly has no issues with his ex-wife’s boyfriend John Miller. According to Entertainment Tonight, sources shared that both Miller and Affleck had no problem getting along with each other.

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Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Recently, the two were seen having a friendly conversation with each other outside Garner’s home. This is not surprising if the words of the sources are taken to be true. According to the reports, the Argo actor’s laid-back personality makes it easy for him to get along with anybody. And similarly, Miller has the same easy-going nature. And it all made it easy for the two men to have no issues whatsoever. Moreover,

“Ben has moved on and is very happy with Jen. He wants the same for Jennifer and nothing but the best for her.”

Therefore, even after the ex-couple’s divorce, they do not mind being around each other. Also, the two share three kids over whom both of them have shared custody.

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A Brief Look at the Affleck-Garner Relationship

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Five years after their first interaction Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck got married in 2005. They had three kids after their marriage. But in 2015, the two announced that they had decided to separate. And two years after that, their divorce got finalized. Their divorce was carried out in amicable terms. Even during the split, Affleck mentioned he respected Garner and that she was a “good mom”.

Furthermore, that same year, Garner was spotted with her current boyfriend John Miller. And as for the Argo actor, he rekindled his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. And the two got married last year.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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