“He wants to go directly to her sons”: Drew Barrymore Approves Princess Diana’s Former Butler’s Intentions to Bring Her Sons Together Amid Meghan Markle-Kate Middleton Drama

The recent revelation by Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell that he has sensitive information about the late Princess has raised eyebrows. Many are wondering what this information could be and why Burrell has decided to come forward with it now.

Princes Diana and Paul Burell

However, actress Drew Barrymore believes that Burrell’s intentions are genuine and that he only wants to bring Princess Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry, together. Despite her opinion, many of her fans are skeptical and believe that there must be more to this story.

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Paul Burrell’s Revelation and Drew Barrymore’s Opinion

In a recent interview, Paul Burrell revealed that he has information about Princess Diana that he will only disclose to her sons. Burrell, who was Diana’s butler for over a decade, has remained close to the royal family and often spoken about his relationship with the late princess. However, he has never before hinted at having sensitive information about her.

Drew Barrymore

During an episode of her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress shared her thoughts on Burrell’s revelation. 

“That is what I like about this,” the actress said, “Is, I have information that I feel would inform the most important people to her – her sons – and for them their most important person, their mom.”

And so, instead of going out there and sharing it with anybody else, cashing out, revealing things she may not want people to know, is he wants to go directly to her sons, that’s where this had my attention,” Barrymore added.

She expressed her belief that Burrell’s intentions were pure and that he only wants to bring the brothers together. She commended Burrell for not sharing the information with the media and for wanting to go directly to Princess Diana’s sons.

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Fans’ Skepticism Over the Actress’s Assumptions

Despite Barrymore’s opinion, many of her fans took to social media to express their skepticism. They questioned why Burrell would go to the media if he only intended to share the information with the Princes.

Princess Diana

One Twitter user wrote, “A little sus. If it’s private, is there no other way for him to relay the information without alerting the media?”

Another noted, “If he went straight to them, why do we know about it? Did you ask him about the books he wrote about Diana before praising him for not ‘cashing in’?”

Some also pointed out that Burrell had previously written books about the late princess, which could be seen as cashing in on his relationship with her.

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Could the Information Have an Impact on Princess Diana’s Sons?

The biggest question on everyone’s minds is what the information could be. Given Burrell’s close relationship with Princess Diana, it’s possible that he knows something that could shed new light on her life or death.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Some have speculated that it could be related to Diana’s troubled marriage to Prince Charles or her relationship with Dodi Fayed, who died alongside her in the tragic car crash in Paris.

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Regardless of what the information is, it’s clear that it could have a significant impact on Princes William and Harry. Both have been very vocal about their love and admiration for their mother, and any new revelations could be difficult for them to process. However, if Burrell’s intentions are genuine, then it’s possible that the information could bring the brothers closer together.

Paul Burell

The revelation of Paul Burrell’s sensitive information about Princess Diana has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation. While some believe that Burrell’s intentions are genuine, others are skeptical and believe that there must be more to the story. Regardless of what the information is, it’s clear that it could have a significant impact on Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry. Only time will tell if Burrell will ultimately share his information with them or if it will remain a mystery forever.

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