‘He was a thief’: Beyonce Reportedly Fired Dad Mathew Knowles For Stealing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars From Her

Although Beyonce has a very successful career and makes millions, she once was forced to fire her dad Mathew Knowles from his managerial position in 2011. He was accused of stealing funds from her daughter that he was not entitled to by Live Nation Entertainment. He was found guilty after an audit by the singer’s law firm proved it. But Knowles has never admitted to being guilty according to the legal paper obtained by TMZ. He claimed that the accusations against him were false. And that he wanted to know how the audit came out to be that way. But despite what happened in the professional scenario, it did not affect the father-daughter relationship. Both Beyonce and her dad have since shown their love and support for each other.

Beyonce was Once Forced To Fire Her Dad Mathew Knowles


Back in 2011 when Beyonce was gearing up for her world tour, she got into a business-related issue with her dad. The singer’s dad Mathew Knowles was working as her team manager. However that year, allegations surfaced against him saying he had stolen some money from Beyonce’s fund. According to the legal documents the claim came from the entertainment company Live Nation Entertainment. The allegations were proven by an audit released by a law firm. After that, the Single Ladies hitmaker had to fire her father from her managerial position. However, Knowles strongly denied the claims. He issued the legal papers which were obtained by TMZ. According to the publication, in the document, Knowles claimed the entertainment company put false allegations against him to meet their ends.

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Beyonce and Mathew Knowles
Beyonce and Mathew Knowles

Moreover, he also pointed out the law firm that conducted the audit proving him guilty. According to him Live Nation Entertainment and the law firm were both responsible for the situation. He even wanted to take the company to the court. According to TMZ,

“Mathew insists the theft accusations by Live Nation are false, and he wants the judge to give him the right to take depositions of various people at Live Nation, to determine just how they concluded he was a thief,” 

However, after all that, the case died down quickly. As it is natural that Beyonce did not want the world to focus on a professional split with her dad.

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How is The Relationship Between Beyonce and her Dad Following the Event


Even after Beyonce was forced to fire her dad due to money stealing allegations their connection did not get affected apparently. A professional split does not mean a relationship split. The father-daughter bond is still as strong as seen from their support for each other in public.

She even issued a statement following the theft case saying everything was ok between her and her father. Moreover recently Mathew Knowles showed his support for her daughter via Twitter. He congratulated the singer on her new album and her accomplishments.

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Source: TMZ

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