“He was completely embarrassed”: Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Humiliated Ben Affleck When He Tried to Give a $10,000 Tip to Waitress, Forced Her Husband to Apologize

Given that both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are extremely wealthy and are descended from working-class families, you would anticipate that they would leave generous tips at restaurants. Though they might want to reconsider their tipping tactics if TikTok is to be believed.

It was once claimed that Lopez was stingy with her tips and made her husband follow the same suit. It’s common knowledge that tipping is essential for service industry workers to earn a living wage, and celebrities like Lopez and Affleck undoubtedly have the means to leave large tips.

Diva Jennifer Lopez's 2 Page List of Demands While Staying at Iconic Dorchester Hotel Included Grapefruit and Lime Blossom Candles, Plain M&Ms, and White Roses
Jennifer Lopez

This is regrettably not the case with this couple.

The story that went viral on social media that typically showed Deep Water actor leaving a sizable tip for the waiter or waitress while his wife took the money and left a smaller tip. We all know how challenging it is to work in customer service these days, so if even a tiny bit of that accusation is true, it’s a serious one.  

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Is Jennifer Lopez An ‘Awful Tipper’ Unlike Her Husband?

Jennifer Lopez entered the restaurant industry in the early 2000s after dominating the music and film business. But when it comes to giving tips, she is usually known for backing off without hesitation. At least one TikTok video that once went viral on social media mentioned this.

The first question that the Tik Toke user asked in the video was, “Name a celebrity who was rude to you.” 

“Jennifer Lopez” was mentioned in response, and the Tik Toker agrees after sharing her own experience.

Lopez, according to the TikTok user, was difficult to deal with when dealing with her drivers and when it came to leaving tips at restaurants or casinos. In fact, J-Lo would advise her husband, Ben Affleck to be less lavish on occasion because she thought it was inappropriate.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Unlike J-Lo, her husband is “a great tipper, he respects service workers, and so he tipped a lot of people a lot of money that night,” the TikToker claimed. 

Affleck allegedly tried to tip waitresses $10,000 for only serving him all night, according to another rumor. Lopez, however, was having none of it. She seized the money from the tray right away, exclaimed, “Hell no,” and then she took it back.

[Affleck] was so mortified that the next day, when Tiffany [the waitress] came into work, there was a note that said he profusely apologized, was completely embarrassed, with a huge bouquet of flowers and $25,000.”

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She Is Also Known For Her Demanding Nature!

Jennifer Lopez is extremely picky. She had a long list of objectives and demands that used to arrive at hotels before her when she had to check-in. According to several reports, her family’s nanny had to work 16 hours a day in addition to other ridiculous demands. Nannies, of course, didn’t last very long.

A nanny is typically hired for each child, particularly for newborns, by wealthy people with a lot of social and professional obligations.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

“But it is as if Jennifer expects one nanny not only to take care of both twins but to work 16-hour days, seven days a week,” as per National Enquirer.

Although it was a disappointing experience, J-Lo actually made headlines and fans’ attention with many stories like these, more than once, when she was not tipping. The stories appeared to have more to say.

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