‘Heavy Sam Raimi Spider-Man Vibes’: Marvel Fans Are All Praise For Iman Vellani After Ms. Marvel Season Finale Blows The MCU Wide Open

This article might contain spoilers from Ms. Marvel finale episode

Ms. Marvel finale brought a conclusion to Kamala Khan’s superhero story and fans seemed to have a mixed response to it. However, many embraced Kamala Khan having a back from her community people, and family. The finale brought a sense of camaraderie that reminded people of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie and how the people saved him even after knowing his identity. 


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How fans related Ms. Marvel to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man

Ms. Marvel
A scene of Muneeba giving Kamala her new outfit

Unexpectedly, Kamala Khan’s mother accepted that her daughter is “Ms. Marvel” without any fuss. Later, in the end, her father also acknowledged Kamala and called her Ms. Marvel which won the hearts of many. 

They wanted the reader to be able to see themselves in the pages”, a fan talked about the decision of making Ms. Marvel like Spider-Man.

Fans are all in applause for the scene when everyone surrounder Ms. Marvel to escape from the officials of Damage Control.

A fan appraised the culture depicted in the series and said, “The culture and character dynamics were the best part

I love how we have more representation in the MCU” a fan tweeted while talking about the South-Asian representation in the MCU.

Mutants in the MCU

Ms Marvel
The scene where Bruno tells Kamala about “Mutation” in her genes

Ever since Professor Charles Xavier made his short appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans wanted to explore more about “Mutants” in the MCU. In the last scenes of the episodes, Bruno Carrelli told Kamala Khan that he detected a “mutation” in her genes that other humans do not possess.

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captain marvel
Captain Marvel in Ms. Marvel finale episode

The icing on the cake was Captain Marvel’s appearance in the end credit scenes. While we can wait for “The Marvels” which is scheduled for 28 July 2023, all episodes of Ms. Marvel are streaming on Disney+

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